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February 15, 2011


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redd carr

Looking forward to seeing how she does on the twisties--good luck to her.

I think I'll be following the feeder series, at least on line, a lot more this year--it's getting interesting.

(A sidenote, Dog: Barber is marketing the hell out of their race. They had a deal on Groupon for a pair of tkts for $55 that sold out. Now they're teaming up with Talledega for tkts for both the N-car race there and the Barber Indy race for $99. Pretty neat deals, I think.)

Leigh O'Gorman

@ redd carr,
Pretty mega deal there from Barber. It'll be interesting to see what they are like numbers-wise come raceday.

Penny Geist

I've always wanted to be a race car driver. It looks so cool, and you get to feel that awesome adrenaline rush in every race. Shannon McIntosh is actually one of the female race car drivers I like. She's very laid back and seems like a goofy pal.

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