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February 23, 2011


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The season-ending race needs the publicity, I don't think the Indy 500 does. (As much.)

And yes, it's a risky proposition that an outsider could show up the field, but that's what makes the bet interesting. There has to be a risk.

I don't think TK's problems have anything to do with Vegas. Like you said, it's an insurance thing, like a hole-in-one gimmick at a golf tournament.

TK and Weldon's absence just highlights the change in how driver's are paid/sponsored now.

And lastly--yeah, it's a huge gimmick--but Indycar needs a promoter, that's why they hired Bernard. And I think he's doing a great job. Viva Las Vegas!


So if TK can't buy a ride this year, does that make him a "non-Indycar driver" for purposes of the last race?

Travis R

Just a couple of random thoughts: I know it's all speculation, but I could see Tony taking the money he does have to Panther for an Indy-only ride. He'd have a legitimate shot at a 500 win with Panther.

As for the Vegas deal, I would love to see one of the USAC or World of Outlaws guys step in and run for the $5 mil. They're probably not the big names that Randy hopes to draw, but those guys deserve the exposure.


I think it's wrong that a driver has to schlep around trying to find sponsorship. A driver should only have to concentrate on conditioning and driving. It should be the team owner's responsibility to handle sponsorship. The team owner owns the equipment, car, and shop, and hires the crew. These are all business things. Sponsorship is business, so the team owner should be the one traveling the world to find sponsorship. I understand that a driver becomes a spokesperson for the brand/sponsor, but shouldn't the sponsor trust the team owner to hire someone who is a good fit?

Sorry, I just think it's rubbish that drivers like Paul Tracy, Tony, and Dan Wheldon have to iron out business deals instead of spending time on the track. Owners should be begging these guys to drive their car, instead of these drivers begging for a car to drive.

Brian McKay

I agree with you, Marty. There alot of 'shoulds' in life and in top-flight racing. But I don't even believe that owners should be courting sponsors. They should focus on operating their businesses and racing teams while expert sponsor hunters try to sweet-talk marketing czars at Pepsico, Yum! Foods, Coca-Cola, Subway, Delta Airlines, etcetera.
On another tack, George of Oil Pressure and Pressdog have both expressed what I've felt, to wit: "the more buzz NASCAR makes, the more it becomes a generic term for "racing" ... Whenever I say I'm into "racing," people invariably assume I mean NASCAR. Ah, that's ugly."
As I live in the South, south of George, rather than in Europe, when I say that I'll be at "a race" at Sebring, Saint Petersburg, Barber, or Baltimore, I 'must' mean a Sprint Cup race.

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