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February 09, 2011


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I don't know of what better Indycar news to wake up to other than this! YES YES YES!!!! With Motegi gone, a 2nd Brazilian race fits in the schedule better. But, you're right, the desperately need to fill in another oval or two. I'd say, Charlotte Motor Speedway or Atlanta motor speedway, it helps them attempt to break into the NASCAR market, and they're both SMI ovals. That, or patch up the relationship with ISC and get back to Phoniex/Michigan/Chicagoland/Fontana. Bernard's said he want's a 50-50 mix... so I'm going to guess they'll find something. Since it's good news time, maybe they'll trade Infenion with Charlotte, since they are both SMI tracks.


Interesting that Motegi is gone while talk of a race in Aussieland is heating up. I always thought they might pair those up on the schedule.

I'm a firm believer in the 50/50 split, yet I also believe that racing at a good track of any sort is preferable to racing at a bad track of any sort.

To add Fontana (for example)--a race nobody wants to attend in the desert wasteland of East Mini-Mall, Los Angeles--just to balance the schedule might not be so cool.

In that case I'd be more interested in a road race in, say, Great Britain.

It certainly limits your oval possibilites if you won't (or can't) race at a Nascar track.


Also had a question...with Honda dropping their support of Mutoh and now Motegi being gone, does this indicate a newfound lack of enthusiasm for Indycar from Honda?


Many good ovals out there in the U.S. I think racing overseas at this point in IndyCar's life would be a mistake. Didn't work for Champ Car. Too expensive to stage and not enough return, again IMO. Randy seems to be down with the ovals:

BUT KEEP WRITING. You KNOW there are nine street race groups all up in Randy's business today looking for the Motegi spot.

Travis R

With the new IndyCar office in LA, I imagine that Fontana might be at the top of the list. Considering it was also rumored to be the season finale if Las Vegas didn't happen (although that hasn't been made official yet, has it?), it seems like it could be a pretty likely candidate.

When I used to watch NASCAR, Fontana was boring, but maybe the quicker IndyCars will be more fun to watch.

Chris Lukens

Let me be the first to suggest PPIR>

Mike Rice

Fontucky in September is hotter than hell, a miserable place to attend - but it would provide a major market with both types of IndyCar racing at more-or-less bookends on the season, what with LB in April. Since it's a 2 mile track it wouldn't be quite so much of the despised 1.5 cookie-cutter Cup track feel.
Atlanta is one of the few 1.5s in the Cup schedule that could provide a pretty unique venue for the series. A good oval in the South (besides TMS much further West). Another major market in an area that has a clear preference for oval track racing. Not sure how far Atlanta is from Kentucky, so maybe it's a moot point.
While we're talking about schedules...I know that Labor Day weekend was a major Coup for Baltimore, but if the series is interested in cutting costs, why are they scheduling in a way that has the teams schlepping back and forth from one coast to the other and back (Loudon, Infineon, Baltimore). I used to ask the same question when we'd run Milwaukee, Portland, and Cleveland to no avail.


Actually, since I find ovals intensely soporific, I wrote and asked for RA, Cleveland, Surfer's or another twistie.

Thanks for the link, though.


Certainly everyone should express his or her opinion to Randy, no matter what it is. So you are welcome.

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