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March 23, 2011


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"clearly deflated"??? That was bad.

Stan The Caddy

I hear only 26 balloons will be paid and allowed to start.

"We only want the best hot air balloonists and this will give our fans better competition", Indy Car CEO/Media Relations Man/Sponsor Seller/Rules Maker/Competition Director/Czar Randy Bernard said.

But now it seems that balloon enthusiasts have flooded the IMS headquarters/website whining about it and now Randy Bernard has flip-flopped and decided to do whatever someone else tells him to.


Bad: RB seems to--in his rush to improve things--make decisions without input from appropriate sources. This results in a bit of flip-flopping and gives the impression of a weak hand on the wheel.

Good: RB has made a ton of important, game-changing decisions, most of them correct. And when he makes a mistake, he corrects it quickly and seems to really listen to the fanbase.

Bad/Good: He listens to his fanbase.


What better way to light this season's candle, than to have a flying start?

Hot air indeed.

Good stuff Bill.

Ron Ford

Funny stuff Bill. You almost had me until I got to "Buford T. Ticketwriter"


Trial balloons are better than the alternative NASCAR tends to do which is announce crazy things and stick with them even when they don't work and/or everyone hates it. One of the few trial balloon's NASCAR's ever not stuck with was the eliminations in the Chase and that's only because EVERYONE from fans to driver to teams to journalists were universally against it.


Mmmmm, I do love me some freshly baked satire in the morning -- it tastes like PERCEPTION! (And also fried biscuits.)


I hear a balloon basket company got a sweetheart deal to open a factory in Speedway.

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