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March 29, 2011


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Oh boy, I may just watch me a NASCAR Vehicles in the Shape of Pickup Trucks race. Better stock up on ice cream bars boys!

But PDog, which Indycar teams have the scratch to pay Kimi's retainer and an extra car for the 500...pretty sure that's basically limited to the Death Star teams and when was the last time they put an extra car on track for the race?

Gary Walter

PDOG - I think this might mean Kimi is serious about Las Vegas. Now we know he is at least going to be in the States at that time. But if I was Chip Ganassi or Roger Penske (less likely)I know I would be trying to add him to the Death Star. IBiI

Leigh O'Gorman

"Now we know he is at least going to be in the States at that time."

He's doing WRC at the same time, so he'll be flying in and out of the US constantly - no idea if he'll be about for the Vegas race though.


If Kimi's coming to the US he might still go for the Vegas 5 Million. Certaintly the best F1 driver for Bernard to grab, cause it's him or Villenuve... And judging by the failures of other Open Wheelers in NASCAR.... Kimi may be avialible for Indycar very shortly


That Guy: "Vehicles in the Shape of Pickup Trucks race. Better stock up on ice cream bars boys!" induced a coffee spew from me. Well played. Good point on the cash. Only hope is that Kimi is so loaded he would do it just for fun.

Tom G.

I'm going to be the naysayer, and say that whatever F1 savvy U.S. TV viewers tune into Vegas because Kimi is there, were probably going to watch the race anyway.

I think the PR goal of the $5 Million challenge is to draw in the casual fan, and NASCAR viewer, who probably thinks "Kimi" is some girls name like "Danica". The key to getting them to tune in will be getting a "name" star from fenderland.

Would Kimi draw international interest? Yes. Does this give the series a boost in domestic exposure? No.


You could very well be right, Tom, but it would give IndyCar a nice marketing hook: See how the F1 Champion stacks up against our best. In NASCAR he gives them a Jean Girard vs. Ricky Bobby schwerve. But, I'm fascinated by the Kimster, so it may be nobody else will care.

Dustin Dearman

Quoth The Kimster:

H.B. Donnelly

Most NASCAR races, I watch to have background noise that involves things going fast (then look up when there are two passes for the lead out of nowhere in the last three laps). The "trucks," though, are so amazingly fascinating to me because of their aerodynamic properties (or lack thereof) and the touring car-style craziness that goes on during their races between a nice collection of grizzled old badasses...and Nesinho Piquet.

Toss grizzled-and-getting-old hard-partying badass Kimi in there and that can only help them. I'd love to see him at Vegas as well; he seems like a great fit and exactly the type of driver that 'Nard Dawg is looking for.

Leigh O'Gorman

"In NASCAR he gives them a Jean Girard vs. Ricky Bobby schwerve."

I dunno - I think it'd be a mistake to market him like that at all.
The hard vodka drinking Finn may end up many in the grandstands under the table and then some.
Kimi's not really some wine and cheese type guy - which, ironically enough - is one of the reasons he left F1.

"Would Kimi draw international interest? Yes. Does this give the series a boost in domestic exposure? No."

I'd agree with that completely.

Tom G.

As long as we're talking about Hard Drinking Unshaven Grizzled vets, I'd like to say that if they put Kimi in a Sprint Car at Knoxville, and I'd definitely make the drive down to see it.

Savage Henry

Depending on how interested Kimi is, the funding shouldn't be a problem. He was paid $29 million last year by Ferarri NOT to race. I'm guessing he did his rally gig last year gratis or nearly so.

If he wanted to race at Indy or Vegas not only could he do it for free, but he could pay his own freight. Not saying that he would or should do so, but just that funding isn't an issue.

Either way, I'd love to see him racing over here.


As a friend interested in F1 stated, Kimi can drive the wheels off anything. In Nascar that's the problem, it's called tire management.

And as Dustin above parodied so well, can't wait for his first montone interview; so endeth all interest.

Indycars is where he should focus, especially if his personal wealth affords him the ability to "play" as opposed to making serious pay demands.

As in the case of Jacques, so much talent, so little to show for it all; other then a crib full of cash.

gary p

This is quite interesting. While we've had F1 drivers come to NASCAR before, most were here because their remaining options in F1 were poor or non-existent. Kimmi walked away from a top-flight team while still in the prime of his career. He's loaded with cash and talent and could drive in any series he wanted, including F1. If he's coming to NASCAR it's because he really wants to. But I'm not too optimistic that he'll stick around long enough to learn the craft. I suspect his automotive ADD will kick in before he really gets the hang of oval racing.

H.B. Donnelly

While he's here, I'd also like to see him do the X-Games rally car stadium extravaganza. Kenny Brack met with much success in that one and it can be really fun to watch.


My ultimate problem with the Kimster is an apparent lack of commitment. Oncwe he achieved his F1 ambition (WDC) his interest level seemed to vanish.

What's his accomplishment in Rallying? Nothing worth getting excited about. What is his REAL motive to go Nascar racing? Only the Kimster knows for sure, but as a team owner I would be loathe to invest the sheet metal and time into his apprenticeship only for him to go "Ho-hum, this isn't working, what's next"?

RF James

The Nascar thing seems to be more of a fun outing for Kimi, he has just really started to learn the craft of rallying, and he has done very well so far this season in WRC. But there is only 13 rallies a year. With Kimi you never know I certainly wouldn't rule out IndyCar, if someone approached him about it, like with this Nascar deal, then I am sure he would take the bait.

Br!an McKay

Wow. Yes, this guy is enigmatic/intriguing. (Yes, I watched him in F1) I envy his financial wherewithal to travel the globe an' race whatever he fancies. KR "was paid $29 million last year by Ferrari NOT to race" -- which astonishes me, as I don't earn 29 thousand dollars per year.


I will "not race" for $29 a year. I may not be as good a "not-racer" as KR, but I'm a much better bargain and I have much more experience at "not-racing."

Savage Henry

I wonder if Kimi got a look at some of those gruesome Bobby Kubica rally crash photos and decided to look for a safer hobby. Not much chance of a guardrail going through a NASCAR truck and nearly ripping your arm off.

Totus Pullo

Has anyone checked to see if April Fool's Day is held several days early?

How the Flying Finn has fallen...from driving for Scuderia Ferrari to driving a truck for a family famous for not paying bills

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