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April 14, 2011


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Firehawk just became the most glorious, ass-kicking, majestic bird OF ALL TIME. I don't want to sound unpatriotic, but I genuinely wish he was America's symbol. Bald eagles are neat and all, but I've never heard belt out such magnificence as this:

"And for the record, my natural aroma is quite amazing – I smell like cinnamon and habaneros."

/single tear rolls down cheek
//hums National Anthem

(There are no mountains left for you to climb, Sir Bill. None.)


Hmmm... cinnamon and habaneros.

The Speedgeek

Ooh, that Firehawk. How I hate him. With his wee beady eyes (that I assume are behind those wicked shades) and his smug smile. "Oh, you're going to buy my tires! Have a t-shirt!" Jerk. Don't be confused by the gregarious character that he sounds like in Bill's interview. He'd really rather peck your eyes out as soon as look at you. Oh, but only after selling you some tires.

Should you and I ever meet, 'Hawk, we are going to throw, talons. Whatever. We're going to fight, that's what I'm saying.


Super interview, P-dog! You've had quite a lineup of interviewees over the years but this one is out of left field; not expected at all but very entertaining.

BTW, I got quite a kick out of the stork @ Iowa Speedway last year, mascot of the AvoidTheStork 100 Lights race. The stork also gave away FREE Avoid The Stork chapstick and beer coozies which continue to see heavy use here every day. FireHawk must simply be jealous. ;-)


Firehawk is a cutie patootie for sure :) and I LOVE cinnamon <3

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