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April 20, 2011


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Gary Toepfer

not a good sign...


Oh man... that's realy bad...


Not saying this is false, but where is the cite on TVBTN for this? The link takes me to their home.

All I get are cable ratings for these on Sunday:


I emailed the people who run the site, asked them for the number, and they gave it to me on the record. The site has a solid rep for ratings numbers and it fits what I heard from a few other sources who didn't want to be named. If anything, 0.28 is probably generous.

Brian LoCicero



On the bright side, a 0.28 is still better than a 0.27.


The Speedgeek

Well, hell.

Brett M. Waldrep

The rating is a percentage of households that have that channel available to them. Sense Verses has a lower available audience then the ratings might be higher. You can catch this NFL games. Monday night typically has higher ratings on ESPN then Sunday night games do on NBC but if you look at actual viewers, Sunday night blows Monday night out of the water!


Holy s---- what's wrong with Indycar on Versus? On ABC our ratings were good, on Versus NHL has good ratings, but adding Indycar + Versus doesn't seem to be going that great. Hope the NBC rebranding comes ASAP and maybe they start to get in more households, cause this is bad.


Tough to spin this one. No NASCAR, no Tiger. NBA playoffs I guess will serve as the excuse.

Stan The Caddy

Its probably all those no-talent American oval racers that are screwing up the Indy Car ratings.

Either that or people just aren't interested in watching 230 MPH race cars putt around at 100 MPH on a terrible excuse for a racetrack, with a bunch of drivers who couldn't sell ice water in the desert. Not when people have hundreds of options for their Sunday afternoons of free-time.

Hey Randy...instead of choosing 5 drivers for the Las Vegas Challenge, how about choosing about 20 and s-canning most of your current cast? Nobody would notice or care anyway, outside a few morons at TrackForum.

Quit blaming VERSUS. The ratings on VERSUS are actually getting worse then last year. Its not like a bunch of people who were watching last year suddenly forgot where the channel is.

Its a fatally flawed product. And until the product (the driver lineup specifically) changes to better relate to the American person, then this sport is going nowhere but down the toilet. And the greatest race in the world will be flushed down the shitter with it.


the problem IS Indycar at this point.

Versus has had ratings greater than 4 for the Stanley Cup Finals as recently as last year.

This sport just is not popular in the USA. Time to take the races internationally, such as Brazil where there is interest in the series.


Something that really isn't discussed about ratings - they are averages. SO if an average of 323K watched over the entirety of the race that does not mean more than 323k wathced from start to finish. It could mean that 100k watched the first half and 546k watched the first half. That scenario might make sense since Dega was wrapping up as Long Beach was starting. That scenario would translate into a .47 net effective rating. Which is at least respectable.
The best/worst scenario would be that the 323k was made up of a scenario where 250k watched for 110 minutes and 1M watched for 10 minutes. Good in that plenty of people watched a portion of the broadcast, bad in that it wasn't long enough to have seen many ads.

Overall, this isn't a good number, but I would withold damning judgement until I saw the #of sets exposed number.

Personally, I think racing (nascar, IndyCar and F1) in it's present event format is broken, some are suffering more than others, but ultimately there is a viewer engagement issue that needs to be resolved and the first series that does it wins.

If I get around to it, I'll post some thoughts on my blog.


I agree, JP, knowing how the audience numbers registered over the entire race would be instructive. Last year they were available to, but this year ratings on Versus in general are NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. ESPN PR emails me their ratings numbers every week, no big deal. Versus PR has shown no such interest, although I haven't re-asked in a while. I hope, at minimum, that that kind of data is available to IndyCar, surely it must be, so they can glean some kind of intel off it.



The 500 has already been flushed. The problem is too many people don't want to acknowledge it. How many more years on Versus?


Well... I know one way to bring in a small but definite amount of *viewers* into things. Problem is, I don't think it'd be to Versus's benefit because it's the exact thing that was available last year on but was canned this year.


0.28? for Long Beach? ugh...
*shakes head*

Bood luck with Brazil,'s not Versus fault at this point, they've been doing okay for the NHL playoffs.
Boy oh boy, Indy can't get here fast enough.


Is it fair to compare ratings for an Indycar race in a street canyon to playoff games (you know, games that matter)? How about comparing them to something like Tour of California coverage? Or NHRA on the Ocho?

But, no matter how you look at it, the numbers blow.

I think it's important the race starts before NASCAR or NBA or lawn mowing, to trap wandering eyeballs (I hear Chris Myers and Larry and Darrell and Darrell and I'm on the remote immediately). Hard to do with a west coast event.


so there's basically 300,000 fans of Indycar in the U.S. who are interested enough to find Versus.

but when a race is on ABC, the races more than triple that number with just casual tv watchers.

so you could basically put mouse derby or the Senior Curling Tour or speed-knitting on ABC and triple any number Indycar could hope to achieve on Versus.

I'm not making much of a point, I'm just disappointed the series can't find an audience, I guess.


Maybe they should try advertising the races on the other networks so that fans, casual or otherwise, are aware of the broadcasts?

How else can one explain the rating disparity between ABC and Versus????


I read 'during the race itself'.

If you happen to be someone like me who was busy on Sun PM and watched later on a DVR, how do think that factors into the ratings?

I'm guessing I wasn't the only who did so, but maybe not to the tune of another 170k viewers... or maybe yes?

In the words of Brandt from The Big Lebowski, "Well, we just don't know, Dude."

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