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May 16, 2011


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I'll be there!


Count me in.

The Speedgeek

Damn. How much are last minute flights for this weekend? $948?!?!? Hmmm. Not quite worth it. Close, but not quite. Enjoy, folks.


I can't partake in the frosty beverage, but I can certainly swing by for a quick squeeze... ;-)


Dangit. Won't be in town yet. Bummer.

May I suggest a Pole Day combo of Official IMS Track Dog (or tenderloin) washed down w an Upland Dragonfly IPA (regional fave, Bloomington, IN or a Trippel de Ripple or Quadripple (from Brugge Brasserie in Broad Ripple)

Enjoy, wish I could be there...


Helios Pale Ale by Upland Brewing..I gotta try it. See ya there p'dog!

Eric Hall

done and done see you all on Saturday!

Gary Toepfer

Wish I could be there Bill!! Sounds fun! Great idea!

Vince Smith

Count me in! Coming up from Texas. @sunsetlimited

brad smith

i am in if my ride will stay at track.

William Cheek

Oh no no no I am working noon-close on Pole Day! But hey people, stop by Kahn's 86th & Township to pick up some delicious canned beers (Sun King, Boulder Hazed & Infused, Brooklyn Lager, Schlafly Kolsch I think, Brooklyn Lager, bunch of Brit stuff), and if you mention you're going to P-dog's tweetup I (Bill) will a) display envy of your Pole Day attendance, b) explain how I'd totally give you a discount or something if I were a manager type and c) express copious Rebel Alliance sympathies.

Oh also DZ knows of what he speak. Though be warned, if you are Tripeling and Quadrippling in Broad Ripple at lunch time you will NOT make it to the track that day (I find the walk down to Barley Island and their pay-as-you-go 4 oz glasses much more navigable) ;)

The Speedgeek

I can vouch for the Upland stuff. Had a couple of those at Union Jack's the last couple years. Can't remember if it included the Helios, but whatever I had (hefeweizen? golden lager? amber ale?) was tasty.

Hey, since we're hi-jacking this here post in the name of good beer and my employer blocks Twitter, you working at all during Race Weekend, BC? A quick Google Maps-ing of your location shows that you are a scant mile or so from where I'll be holing up for the weekend. I and my race going buddy will definitely be needing some "liquid supplies", so I'd be happy to drop on by, say "hi" and pick up some local recommendations from you.


Sounds awesome! "Hope I'm not standing out there alone" = famous first words of all great tweetups :)


Planning on being there. Have to see whose out on track then, LOL!


Man, I'm so waaaay bummed to be missing this Evente Premiere/Pole du Jour, but at beer:30 EDT on Saturday, know I'll be raising an Upland and toasting you lucky IMS-trespassing barstewards killing time between the flash of First 11 runs and DeathStars' pole-run panic.

Many thanks for the seconds on the Upland. Regional best for Indy-goers, IMO. Worst case, slam an icy cold 24 oz. Track-official Mueller Lite and whoop-n-holler at your accomplishment.

DZ (@groundedeffects) will be in town Thursday next however to finish off this month in Grande Style... Be good, be safe!


I might swing by, but I'll be watching quals from turn 4, so long walk...

William Cheek

@SpeedGeek SOMEONE decided to be the first to request Thursday-Monday off for race weekend ;) Manager has yet to actually do the schedule, but I have a feeling I will not be there Friday or Saturday...

BUT I do love to tell people all of my opinions about Indiana beer AND will be needing to supply myself as well on the lovely liquid front AND am imagining which interesting contexts you remember me as "BC" AND screw all that, you did slip into "living legend" status by once posting on the Silent Pagoda, so tell me when you are going to be beer shopping and, pending pesky family obligations, I will BE THERE.

The Speedgeek

Mr. William (in that case),
Sorry, I just remembered you posting at The Pagoda as "BC". I have a brain that holds on to such things, just like it holds onto things like watching Eddie Cheever nearly whitewall his Menard Lola-Buick about 14 times during his Bump Day run back in the early '90s. Meanwhile, I can't rememebr my login paswword at work half the time. Go figure. Anyway, my sincerest apologies, if I offended.

Haven't nailed down exact plans for my Race Weekend, but I'll be in the vicinity from Thursday evening until Monday morning. I'll drop you a DM on Twitter, if I can ever remember to get on there one of these nights, and maybe we can negotiate a time to Beer Up (that's like "meet up", just with beer).

Jonathan Bishop (aka darthbinkly)

I'll plan to be there. Ironically for a tweet-up, I won't be connected at the time, so I'll just wonder around shouting for P-dog.

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