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May 01, 2011


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If Randy's answers to these two questions are true, what the F was Tony George thinking?

R: These figures that have been bandied about – that Versus pays IndyCar $5m per year for its 12 races – are they true?

RB: No, that's not true, and I don't know where all that came from. It's actually a very complicated deal, something that I'm not going to explain over the phone on such a poor connection! But it's much more of a co-promotion and co-ownership deal, with some revenue-sharing.

R: OK, but are IMS Productions' costs covered by this deal?

RB: Er…no! I think it's fair to say that right now, our television deal is a very expensive proposition.


I'm sick of hearing about ratings. I work in the business. If you guys actually knew how ridiculously skewed and flawed the ratings system actually is, all this ratings talk would fade into insignificance.

Too add to that, the systems in place are totally unprepared for 'new media,' DVR's, and all kinds of digital delivery. It's a joke, and we should treat it as such. Enough. Can't someone out there do some actual research and demonstrate this to the public?!

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