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June 22, 2011


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Thanks pressdog. How huge would it be to have Vitor and the Foyt gang win a race? Wow!


great story P-Dog- thanks for writing articles about people who are behind the scenes


Another great Pressdog piece about one of the many characters we never hear from or about. Love this stuff, dog.


Thanks. I was intrigued at what kind of guy can be team director within the formidable shadow of AJ Foyt. Larry seems to be kind of the ying to AJ's yang. AJ, I think, tends to react, to vent, to be AJ -- not a ton of subtly there -- and Larry seems to be far more cool and calm, etc. It's easy to root for teams like Foyt Racing.

Bill Dietz

Thanks for the good story. It is good to see the changes at Foyt Racing. AJ will always be himself and having Larry there will assist the team into improving.

Mike (15daysinmay)

Great story. I met Larry at a speaking engagement he did a few years ago and was really impressed with how bright he is and how well he dealt with people. He seems very comfortable with who he is, which is probably not always an easy thing to do. The team is definitely in good hands for the future.

The Lapper

I like Larry Foyt! Good writing P-Dog!!!

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