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June 25, 2011


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lol, nice interview!

Account Deleted

LMAO! Funny stuff.
Pressdog is the best, and Pork Chop too :D



paul miller

this sucks get real

Ron Ford

Didn't Monica Hilton used to work for the Milwaukee Mile promoter?


Finally catching up P-Dog and I looooooove this!

Moshe Domain Ovad

LOL, always fascinating to see a woman behind wheels, and in car race? WOW :)

Ivo Beutler

Man, Pork Chop looks so fly. Female race car drivers are one of the coolest people in the planet. The interview is so hilarious. I couldn't resist laughing while scrolling down.

Tari Ledsome

Heh, now that's a car with personality! Most people would be content with just a name for their car, but a Twitter account? How hilarious! Humor is very endearing, for both cars and people.

Junior Perrera

A pioneer among race cars, it seems. It's like a talking dog, but faster , and it uses Twitter as well. Heh, well, it's a novelty, but it's backed up with a high-performance race car.

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