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July 26, 2011


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It just occurred to me, and for the sake of accuracy, at what point last year did VS. disappear from the DirecTV offerings and how does that affect the ratings comparison?

Dustin Dearman

While the increase is great, wake me up when we get over the 1.0 threshold on Versus.


They disappeared in 2009 mid-season, I think.

They came back after Sao Paulo 2010 (the first race)

Br!an McKay

We need Ernesto Viso and other wankers to smash race cars from the first lap of each race in order to titillate the slackjawed, mouth-breathing yokels who're lounging in duct-taped recliners. They'll phone their friends to say, "Hey, man! You gotta watch this IndyCawr racin'!"


No NASCAR, no football, started immediately after the Fox F1 coverage and the Tour de France final stage rerun (Cadel Evans superfans were lovin' it). Pretty much a perfect storm for a good number, so just as well that they got one.

Jake Lamar

There was literally nothing on, on Sunday afternoon.

If you put the ICS on, against literally nothing, they can get .5's and .6's. Most sporting entities can say the same thing.

When they start getting decent numbers against some actual sporting competition, then some folks can throw a party.

Titus Pullo

Nice to see good exciting racing on a real race course be rewarded with an improving rating. The other night on "Trackside Live" Curt Cavin noted that the lowest Versus race ever was the Kentucky oval race between Carpenter and Briscoe.

Oval racing is as fake as a Rolex watch sold out of a truck for $99.


Here's how the Nielsen Rating system works.

I am not, and will never fit their demographics. Too old.

My viewership isn't counted nor do I know of anyone who is counted nor have I ever heard of anyone who is counted. Certainly the 6 or so races I record each weekend aren't.

I suppose their averages work but for measuring auto racing I see a lot of holes.

Ben Twickerbill

Always good news when ratings soar... (?)
However, clearly the combination of nothing else being on and the wreckfest at Toronto the previous week (the best race promotion you can get for the casual race fan)...
These in tandem certainly did not hurt...

Jack The Root

"Oval racing is as fake as a Rolex watch sold out of a truck for $99."

So are Crapwagon trolls.

Br!an McKay

I agree. (thumb up)
Edmonton had "a real race course"?
Uh, yeah ... as much as it wasn't imaginary, but ... a 'real' racetrack like Speedway, Indiana's or Fontana, California's or Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course or Spa-Francorchamps or Nurburgring or Watkins Glen or Road Atlanta or Daytona International Speedway?
Mmmm, no.


A common theme I heard was a 50% increase is great, but when it's from 1 to 2 what does it really say? I'm all for looking at the positives in a situation so I understand the approach. Lets look at it this way: a .6 program on pretty much any other station would be canceled immediately.

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