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July 16, 2011


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I do believe we're going to need her back in open wheel racing, not stock cars. She is perfect for INDYCAR.


On a purely physical level she makes Danica look so, so, so, what's the word? Average?

Here's hoping she can bring some chops to the track as well as the photo studio.

Br!an McKay

Amen to that!

vanessa merced

maryeve is a great lady. You guys should go to her site maryevedufault .com - you can clearly see she is doing great things for young woman! I just sent $100 donation to help the cause. I will be cherring for you Maryeve!

Go donate on her site now. Mrs. Dufault will be taking over Nascar racing very shortly!
Vanessa Merced

Mannequins Lyon

I have read about the car info graphics about the skilled women driver. I’m really impressed with the number. And what’s more interesting was this beautiful model had decided to try this sport scar that requires a lot of endurance. I would definitely watch her racing match.

Tyra Shortino

Oh well... She should've been driving more carefully. It's important to keep safe while driving, especially in her case. She wouldn't want her face or body to have scars. She models her cars too, right?

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