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July 24, 2011


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Br!an McKay

Nice to have Rahal in the booth for a while.
I prefer Dandy Dan to (yawn) phone-it-in Dallenbach.
Would like to see Robin Miller begin walking grid from one end while Lindycar walks and talks from the other direction.
Rear wing assemblies are tethered to cars (see Toronto and Saint Petersburg crashes).
Hope that Mike Wanser BEATS CANCER. Nice shout-out from Dario to him.
What the heck was Helio so jubilant about when interviewed in victory lane? If he doesn't win a race this season, he ought to be replaced.


I now feel less pervy for checking out Lindy's reflection on Jimmy Vasser's sunglasses.


Come on, you're from Iowa, you should know that East Moline was dropped from the Quad Cities and replaced with Bettendorf.


I'll toss my ballot for Wally too, P-Dog. Dan could be real good in the future but he does talk non-stop now. I don't like the team cars painted exactly alike, it's a bit confusing. I did like this track, especially the drag strip--it could be neato next year. I'd like to see Viso in a Nascar race--he could Eric Cartman the whole field.


Very happy about having P-dog notes back!


I'm also happy to see penalties actually being called.
Does this mark the conclusion of Dixon's realistic championship hopes?
Good to see all those great drivers (who have been nigh invisible this year) near the front: Wilson, Bourdais, Castroneves, etc.


"Goes under Danistar, cooks it, gets re-inhaled by the Sparkler."

Simona Version


Amazing how, in the span of just one race, everything can go from "so wrong" to "so right". Great track (for racing), great race (very enjoyable on TV), and of course, great notes Pdog!


Thanks for the link to the Festival of Lock Up RG.


Was it just me, or did it seem as though Mike Conway must have thought he was going through a school zone on that last restart. Ridiculous; which also pretty much sums up EJ Viso's driving ability. Kudos to Bourdais--can one imagine what he would do in a "real" car?


Tags speared Rahal good & proper & should have been penalized LAPS.

Viso speared NOBODY!!!!!!!!

If Dixon goes way wide to drivers right & tries to clip the apex on the corner and is actually surprised to find another car there on that restart then that's his fault for a) being a dumbass & b) for not using his mirrors.

Much like Toronto where there was a festival of drivers trying to clip the apex of corner 3 EVEN THOUGH THERE WAS A CAR INSIDE OF THEM and being surprised when they were turned............ same damn thing.

Screw you Scott for driving with your nose in the air & screw you twice Mike Hull for doing the scripted Chipster rant 'If we take somebody out we'll blame it on the other guy no matter how obscure the reason & the bosses & media will believe us because we have more money'.

Viso was OK. Race Control didn't penalize him because he did no wrong. Randy, your guys got it right!


@carburestor 4 championships, most walking away, speaks for itself, even if you grade a curve given the talent level of his Champ Car competition (Wilson, Allmendinger, Glock, Servia, Junky, Tracy are not chopped liver).

Marty J in Des Moines

Before they were the Quad Cites, they were the Quint Cities... but if Illinois were to receive an enema, it would be inserted in East Moline... so there you go...

Kevin Lee's Tailor

"Kudos to Bourdais--can one imagine what he would do in a "real" car?"

He did absolutely nothing in that car until the last 2 weeks.

And now we are talking like he'd be some front-runner in a better car?

He's had 2 nice finishes, partly helped by attrition and boner driving.

Bourdais is just here because he has nothing else to do.

And if he doesn't get any offers next year besides Coyne, we'll never see him again.

The Speedgeek

RE: penalties for guys who are already at the back: "Even if it doesn't do much to impact the standings, it still will put Tags many seconds back of the second-to-last car."

I am giving you the slow clap right here, 'Dog. Make the offending driver serve a penalty, even if it may appear to serve no purpose, position-wise. Make that driver make up some time. Or, is IndyCar paying the officials by the penalty, and can't afford to give out more than a dozen per season?


"Kudos to Bourdais--can one imagine what he would do in a "real" car?"

We don't have to imagine it. He won 4 championships with Newman-Haas.


Best line of the race: Miller tells Seabass he can't use any French swear words and TK butts in with "but you can say wanker".

Br!an McKay

I agree with Speedgeek: "Make the offending driver serve a penalty, even if it may appear to serve no purpose, position-wise. Make that driver make up some time."

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