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July 10, 2011


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D: NOOOOO!!!! Come on pdog, don't be a wanking princess! Write the damn thing!

In all seriousness, I don't blame you one bit. The race was entertaining, in a "what the ****" kind of way...

Tom M.

guess working this weekend had it's advantages. Megan said Dixon called graham a dickhead. She's effing pissed right now. Good thing im out of town.


Maybe Dixie didn't know what "open mike" means, because at one point he also commented that he didn't think "wanker" was a vulgar term!


What a great lack of officiating again my race control of the INDYCAR Series. I thought I was watching a NASCAR race from Martinsville. They have lost all credibility...the wankers are in race control!

Chris B

come on pressdog... highlight of me week you know...


Don't blame you one bit... That was a pitiful display of racing and officiating.

The silly twitter fights after are almost as bad as the action on the track. These guys need to deal with each other directly if they are pissed off about a racing incident. It may be amusing for us to listen in on twitter but it makes them look like a bunch of wimps who won't confront each other directly. Instead they are hiding behind their phones and keyboards...are they secretly sitting in their parent's basement. (LOL)


It's obviously your prerogative to forgo Toronto notes, P-dog, but I'm hoping you're appropriately following the post-race discussions and accusations of a cover-up in race control.

Toronto race notes might help put some of these things into perspective.

the american mutt

Im surprised no ones pointing out the obvious here. The sitting duck rule is at fault here, if the car in front doesn't have to give the inside lane up, in the name of "safety", we don't have this discussion in the first place. Why the guy in front has to leave open the inside lane, and either crash out or give up two spots is still beyond me. Incidently, all huffiness aside, according to that rule Danica was blocking sato when he smacked her from behind.


GP2 drivers put on a nice show in the wet at Silverstone. Perhaps they could be employed as driver coaches?


I agree with american mutt except for one thing: Tony Cotman created this "sitting duck rule" expressly to increase the number of pass attempts. (Yes, Brian Barnhart hid behind the "safety" reason after last year's Edmonton fiasco.) Unfortunately, pass ATTEMPTS often result in crashes. I just wish they would let the "best drivers in the world" pick their own lines!


Maybe you could just do a post with 72 clown stamp graphics, that would about sum it up.


Indy Failure League in full effect over Toronto

Evil Ron

Whatever the Pressdog beer of the race was there sure as hell wasn't enough of it!

Ron Ford

Aw, C'mon Dog. Now we have to face a monday morning without your notes which are often more entertaining than the race. If ol' George also stalks off in a huff what the hell are we left with? Miller's Mailbag??

We're not in Iowa anymore Dorothy.

Instructions for Edmonton: "Some assembly required"


OK, if no detailed race recap, we do need a recap on your top 10 thoughts about the race and how you were hoping the Target cars would take each other out at the end (like I was) giving the win to Marco!


Being drawn in by the obvious, you missed one of the best stories and drives of the day: Vitor and Foyt's crew. And there were plenty of others. Your bail out should not be an option,


A simple, 'Drink. Ye. Bastards.' will suffice this week.

PS TGBB/TBAUjr/TGTC: swallowing the whistle doesn't work on streets. Fix it now or lose us forever.


Respect, there was none of it shown by the drivers yesterday. Not to each other, not to the officials (not that they've earned it or anything), and certainly not to the fans.

The series should come out and declare that Toronto was a non-points race. They won't, but they should. If they did I'd bet we'd see less intentional contact and actual attempts to start and restart according to the rules at Edmonton and beyond.


Good call on the clown stamp, Mark. I just added a jumbo one instead of the 72 you suggested. Here's the deal with me: Even with meager ad revenue (maybe $300 year) and the super-occasional donation ($50 total in 6 years), I lose money on when you figure hosting ($90 yr.) and the cost to attend races (gas, hotel, etc.). So I only do what I do here when it's rewarding to me in other ways, primarily enjoyment, amusement and the sharing thereof with people who visit. I got no enjoyment or amusement from the Toronto race. I'm only speaking for myself here. Others may have loved it, and I'm on fire for them. But I thought it was a travesty along the lines mentioned by billytheskink above and regretted the hours I invested in watching the thing. So I wasn't going to compound the waste with five more hours -- which is about what it takes to do race notes. I SUPER appreciate the love for the notes and sorry for any disappointment, but life is too short.


I felt the race started okay. Briscoe's contact with Kanaan sucked and was definitely Ryan's error but I chalked that up to racing too hard too early. I figured everyone would settle down after that but it just seemed like things steadily came unglued and by the end it was practically un-watchable. The bit where the target cars where delaying the restart to save fuel seemed like it should have brought out a penalty to me but by then the race was too far gone to matter.

I think the real problem stemmed from letting the Kanaan/Briscoe incident go: other incidents were less glaring but they'd already set a precedent on what they would/wouldn't call.

Also, Dixon, really? That background mic sure made him come off really bad. A lot of the stuff he said about Graham (while maybe true) shouldn't even be voiced off-the-record in a press room. Especially they are considered teammates by the press even if the "team target" cars are special.


I confess that I missed the entire fiasco, but when guys like you P'Dog are no longer interested in blogging the results in your own inimitable style, I equate that with either the first nail in the coffin
or the first shovel full of dirt on the lid of the series.

Yeah call me Gloomy Gus if you must.


Agreed, Dog! C'mon boys, ante up or go home! Buy the man a beer.


Sorry to not see a report P-Dog. Understand the frustration with the series (All too well actually). Was working Sunday, so didn't get to see the race. In the process of moving so no $100 dollar a month package available to DVR the race. Will tune in the last 2 ovals and attend Las Vegas. Until then....guess I'll keep checking on the P-Dog page! Hope you can shake it off soon. Donation coming your way from me. Keep up the great work.

Simona Fan

What are you talking about? That was a phenomenal race that was just botched by bad officiating. I hated the ending, but there was a lot of great racing, especially in the first half of the race. The race had pretty much all you could ask for, alternate strategies, many passes for the lead, pit drama, drivers calling each other wankers, several KV cars bursting into pieces, cars going sideways around the corners, a bunch of cautions.

Sure I hated the ending, and I think Barnhardt should be fired for (among other things) rescinding that penalty (the TV crew heard it and Penske heard it (cf Windtunnel)), and I can't stand Dario anymore. But that's what this series needs: drama, pissed off drivers, and people throwing things at their TV when the death star wins dirty.

(and Simona even completed a race! Top 10 even.)


Was Toronto much worse than Monaco? Not by much. The race was ugly and it's unfortunate that you have decided to not to publish your notes, as that is why we have all checked the site look for some entertaining insight. The race had some merit: Strong finishes by Meira, Bourdias and Simona. The officiating was weak and some of the driving was terrible. It was not the first nor will it be the last time this happens. On another note, check out youtube and look at the 1993 event from Toronto. There were alot more large grandstands and they were filled. You can hear the crowd cheering for Tracy when he takes P1. During the commentary...much was made of on track driving rule enforcement. It was evident that the field had been given instruction about racing properly. The 2011 edition could have used some of that. I thought the biggest wreck was caused by Marco...right near the end. Was he penalized?

The Speedgeek

"That was a phenomenal race that was just botched by bad officiating."

That's like the old saying, "Well, Mrs. Lincoln, other than that, how did you like the play?" I thought there was a lot of good passing, great variable strategies, and I don't even mind the usual street course "fisticuffs", but when the whole thing goes down with no penalties for even the most egregious and flagrant of incidents (one of which restulted in what may turn into an unassailable points lead and sucked about 80% of the tension out of what was shaping up to be one of the best 2-car championship duels in years), well, that's when I get a little Gloomy Gus as well. I didn't like that at all. Nope, not one bit.


Was running errands with the wife so didn't see the race but was able to listen to commentary via Verizons Indycar mobile app on the Droid X. Made me think of the crashfest that was yesterdays stage in the Tour de France. On a bright note Simona got a top 10 out of the deal so good for her.


Heard from a friend TGBB is burning the race control tapes.
/stirring the pot


The track in Toronto is ridiculous. You know going into it that there will be constant contact, as in just about all street courses. Street races are popular for the total show that a city can put on, not for racing. Still, I couldn't help but think that there would have been far fewer incidents if F1 drivers were racing in Toronto instead of IndyCar drivers. If you've been watching F1 this season you've seen some amazing racing by extremely talented racers. It's pathetic how bad the current lot of IndyCar drivers is. I see better and cleaner racing at SCCA regionals than in IndyCar.

Chris Lukens

I am an infrequent commenter here, but a faithful reader. Pressdog, you are a Must Read. I have just doubled your six year total for donations.

I just read Calvin's article on the penalty/nonpenalty and I am going to call it a total fail. He is a reporter, it's his job to ask questions. Somebody at Indycar Twitter send out the message that there was a penalty. Calvin needs to get to this person and find out what happened.


Cavin asking hard questions of the Powers That Be may make his job hard/impossible to do. Sorta goes hand'n'hand with being a "beat reporter". Just sayin'.


Way to go Chris. The Dog is probably the only straight shooter and needs our support.

The driving was horrible due to the nonexistant discipline. I've seen better Demo Derbys on a hot Saturday night in the Iowa summer. The track sucks. All are to blame.

F1 makes "the world's fastest drivers" look like the clown car. I may be going to Austin instead of Indy.


This was a bad weekend for racing. The best racing this weekend took place on two wheels - at the Tour de France. The NASCAR Cup race at Kentucky was a snoozefest. The Indy Lights race was OK, I don't remember much about it, and it's hard to get excited when you don't know who half the drivers are. I'm halfway through watching the F1 race at Silverstone, and that first half was pretty good. As for IndyCar, the "two-wide" restarts were a joke, and I share Michael Andretti's suspicions about Team Ganassi purposely being sloppy and causing an aborted restart to save fuel. Most of the restarts only had the first row side-by-side. IndyCar should have just thrown yellow after yellow - 5, 10, whatever - until the drivers started complying. Maybe black flag the leaders.

About the broadcast, I think having four guys in the booth was a bit much. As P-dog tweeted, Wally kind of disappeared for a while. Wally generally does a good job, but he just doesn't compare with the fantastic Dan Wheldon. Wheldon has more current IndyCar knowledge, is articulate, and passionate. He is what you look for in a commentator, and that is why so many people like him. I remember a moment where Jon Beekhuis basically shushed Wally as cars headed into a turn, telling him to "Hold on." It made me wonder if Wally felt welcome in the booth. Are we going to see a change of talent in the booth this season or next?


I agree, Marty, I think four is a crowd in the booth. As you said, at one point it was Jan and Dan chit-chatting pretty much non-stop. I thought Wally was in the can or something. Dan definitely has ton of skill and knowledge, but some moderation in the booth would be a good thing for him, IMO.


P-Dog's gal Wanica crashes out and he stops watching the race. Looks like both of you are mailing it in.


Those two things did happen, E, but not in that order. I stopped watching, THEN the last cluster f-bomb happened (insert Tag resting like a bookend against the fence here). I was actually glad I missed it.


If you missed the race take a look at youtube

It is a 5 minute recap of the race, it is all you need to know and it dovetails quite nicely with this blog post.

Dean Barnes

D: That was a real "Keystone Cops" moment. It looks like it really summed up the race perfectly. Good job!!

Bill, are you planning to go to the Vegas race?

Brian McKay

I CANNOT BELIEVE the number of comments on a non-post by Bill!
We obviously love this blog and IndyCar racing.
Let's all click the donate button to put our money where our heads or hearts are.
And let's make constructive criticism to the series in e-mail through's 'contact us' feature.


miss the notes.


If Indycar is in the entertainment biz then they get a gold star. It had everything you could imagine. I was on the edge of my seat!!

These are close to the most comments (I'll bet) that the 'Dog has ever recieved from saying nothing at all.

Everybody was happy! Everybody was pizzed off! Everybody on the planet (except Randy) despises TGBB.

Whatever the result, everyone has a VERY STRONG opinion and that's a good thing.

I'm with 'Simona Fan' .......... that dude is RIGHT ON!!

Another great race!!


Peeps. Manly tears (figuratively, but still) for the comments here and donations. Certainly both unexpected and humbling. I appreciate it.


Add me to the list of people who miss your race recap. Can't make a cash donation to your site, but can donate a clown car to you to take laps around the Toronto circuit next year.

Marty J in Des moines

Love all the great comments... the great P-Dog almost incites a riot... as for me, I'm going to try to get a pit-side concession stand to sell new front wings...

SS Minnow

John- I'd pay money to get a shot of P-Dog in a clown car with the CN tower in the background. Whether any "hot laps" were taken or not, I chuckle at the thought of that image. Certainly someone has some mad PhotoShop skills to make it happen. I couldn't do much, but I'd throw up at least a 10 spot to the donation pail to see it posted.

As for the race, it's kind of like that old saying about not being able to take your eyes away from a train wreck. Honestly, it was probably the first road/street race in two years I didn't hit my internal snooze button for. Was it good racing, not really at all but I couldn't help but think about the blogs and comments lighting up which furthers my entertainment value. If it was a snooze fest, I wouldn't be posting on a Tuesday.....


Hate to say it, but there's some definite disagreement with this whole "fiasco" judgement:

P-Dog, I luv ya, I agree with you 99.9% of the time, but I have to say, this is the 0.1% of the time that I don't. We got real drama in the Toronto race, we saw passion, we were spared a boring parade/procession race, and as Kat at Meeshbeer said, it was less dumbassery and more "no YOU say uncle!" acts of machismo. Yes, I agree that occasionally the driver's moves exceeded their talent, but hell... succeed and it's a whole different narrative.

You're acting like this was Lincoln getting shot, but I don't see Series Officiating Brain Lock as being a permanent feature as much as just an off day. And I sure as hell don't see it as being the overshadowing giant that you're making it out to be. From what Kat is saying, neither did the crowd in the stands. Let's not call ole Abe dead yet; this wasn't the Ford Theater, and Boothe was nowhere in sight.

Ben Twickerbill

For more of what we were witness to this past Sunday in Toronto.
Check out the International Demolition Derby site below, out of La Porte Indiana.

Robin Siller

Wally D. has done a great job.

Wheldon needs to be racing.

I guess Willy T's embarrassing TV commentating days are already over for the Lights telecasts. He was beyond horrible. Hope they just go with King and Dallenbach there for the rest of the year. Too bad Lights is so unappealing as a series.

Lots of boring-ass races left this year. Edmonton will be a full contact, wanker-a-thon. Mid-Ohio is a motorcycle track that Indy Cars outgrew 20 years ago. Snore-noma gets its moniker from sleep inducing Indy Car races of the past. There might literally be 8 people watching the Motegi road race at 1:00 AM EST. And we get to finish the year of (Kevin Lee trademarked term) "non-ovals" with another concrete-canyon/block-a-thon at that dump of a city in Baltimore.

Indy Car Racin'...Catch the Fever.

Dustin Dearman

One opinion: This is the last year for this generation of Dallara. After the Vegas race, these cars are junk anyway. Next year we won't see near as much dive-bombing, blocking, or cuttin' folks off. With more advanced technology, we will less likely see the NASCAR-style, low-rent wreckage we saw at Toronto. As for the officiating, Versus screwed the pooch by announcing that IndyCar made a decision on the Franchitti-Power incident when no decision had been made.

Glad the ratings were good.

Wider tracks maybe? Hopefully we will see that at the next track.

Races are races and there is little point of whining about which ones are good ones and which ones suck. At least guys were passing each other on a street course. Two years ago, we all were bitching that there was no passing.



Had to make it an even 50.

Amen Meeshbeer, AMEN!

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