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August 22, 2011


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IZOD loves us! They really love us! /IndyCar

IndyCar racing fan

... if standing is action


Welcome back! And none too soon!

Ron Ford

Beer and Cameron are examples that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

Tom G.

It's about time we get the focus off of drivers throwing double birds, and race control controversy, and put it back where it rightfully belongs... the Izod Trophy Girl


...just as I had finished getting over the withdrawal symptoms of my Cameron addiction...



It's about time she shows up again. I've been noticed several times this year at races attended and watching on TV where Cameron isn't in the house, so to speak.

P-dog, you've got the "in" with Cameron. What's up with her sporadic participation this year?!


*I've noticed (not been noticed)

Darn TypePad apparently won't allow edits to comments.


IZOD just doesn't send Cameron to every race, although she's very willing to go. Cameron is a professional, so that means she gets paid to do what she does. It also costs money to jet her to races, hotels, meals, etc. so I assume it's a budget decision. And no, sadly, no edit button on Type Pad comments.

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