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August 12, 2011


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I thought Indycar had reuped with ABC. It brought tears of pain to my eyes.

Randy, WTF were you thinking!!!


Yes, they reuped with ABC, but ... Did NBC bid? If not, did they want to bid? How do they feel about the extension with ABC? Are they pissed? What are their future plans for IndyCar on Versus/NBC Sports? Would we have seen it on NBC in the future? Are they happy with how it's going so far? These are all questions we could either speculate wildly about with a lot of "I assume they ..." OR someone could actually ask The Man at NBC, which is what Curt did.


Sayeth Mr. Miller: "(IndyCar has) done a really good job marketing the sport."

Where may I ask? The average fan has NO Knowledge of when or where Indycar races are broadcast on Versus. They don't even get a mention on ESPN or other sport-centric TV broadcasts.

Other then Danica and her usual PEAK ads there ain't no mention of Indycar......any where that is easily visible.

Race fans who travel thru blogs like this get all the info they need, but if the fan base is ever to expand they need to market to the general public.


I liked what I heard (Miller of NBC) said that "it's performing at or above all of our projections".

Given that they even bothered to put time and energy into the product (much more than ABC/ESPN in my opinion), this quote is a bit calming w regard to the near future of indycar on TV.

The hardcores will find it and watch it, but without trad network space, no potential new fans will just happen upon it. Satellite still seems the best TV option for most to get Indycar via VS/NBC than leaving it to cable systems to include that channel, although I know more people all the time are watching things via their computers when it's convenient for them. VS/NBC need to offer the online streaming option to help get more viewers.

I introduce several new people a year to it by going to a race or watching on TV. I think that's the only way the sport will actually grow.

In person at the track seems best however. Once you're there, odds are you're hooked.


Agreed, DZ. Well said. I agree on all points.

Leigh O'Gorman

I might be wrong, but I assume ABC had first refusal on the Indy 500 + four races package? If that's the case, it simply may not have even gotten to NBC to bid on.


Yes, that's spelled out in the article. IndyCar and ABC agreed to the new contract before ABC's exclusive window to renegotiate ended.

From the sound of what the NBC said about their schedule being fuller than ABC, I presume that IndyCar knew that they weren't going to get anything better from NBC so they pulled the trigger on the ABC deal. No, NBC is quite happy to have IndyCar on its little cable satellite, they're just not *THAT* into it.

Brian McKay

Jon Miller, president of programming for NBC Sports and Versus, said, "Our schedule on weekends is different, for example, than ABC's schedule is,"
I had no idea. I had thought that NBC, Versus, and ABC showed the same programs.

I am so disappointed that ABC extended through 2018, as I would guess that the IndyCar Series and NBC could have collaborated to show every race on a Saturday afternoon, evening, or night, or Sunday afternoon, evening, or night on NBC or the new "NBC Sports."


Nbc didn't care one bit about indycar.

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