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August 28, 2011


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Infineon is the least entertaining venue on the Indycar schedule. Actually, it's less entertaining than an off week. If there were 30,000 people there then 15,000 of them must have been hidden behind one of those "golden" hills. More entertaining programs on Versus today included: Deer, More Deer! Shooting Deer, Shooting Big Deer, Buck City, Deer Center and Knives You Can Buy on TV when Not Shooting Deer.


When the top 5 at the start of a race are exactly the same as the top 5 at the end of it there's something seriously wrong. What an awful race. Can you even call it a race?

Tom G.

Shit! I missed "Knives you can buy on TV w/o shooting deer?" Damn it! If only I hadn't fallen asleep.

My god, but I think we set a new standard for dullness. No joke, I got drowsy and feel asleep on lap 4. Woke to see a black screen, and thought for a moment I slept through the whole race. Sadly, I hadn't.

The highlight of the broadcast was Robin Miller getting all up in Randy's grill about firing Barnhart. Bet that never happened in the PBR.

HB Donnelly

It's kind of like the Monaco GP: everyone loves to be part of and chew up the scenery, but have you ever seen an exciting Monaco race that didn't involve rain? New rule: if Tony from Pop-Off Valve says he loves driving a track on iRacing, set the DVR and have your finger on the fast-forward button!

As with other tracks, I'm holding out hope that the ground effects on the new car will help things...

HB Donnelly

side note: The Red Bull GP at IMS apparently had about 65,000 people on the grounds today...I wonder if there were that many people on TV and in the stands combined watching the checkers at Sonoma...


The only bit of decent racing all day was during the last lap between Pantano and Bourdais, who put on a European-style demonstration of what could, in theory, be done in single-seaters on a road course. And the one who comes out ahead gets penalised.

Y'all know I'm as big a fan of IndyCars as you'll find on this side of the Atlantic, but until it sorts that kind of thing out it has no right to pretend to be a racing series anywhere other than ovals.

Savage Henry

I started the day riding out the hurricane watching a very entertaining F1 race at Spa, my 2nd favorite track in the world (next to IMS, of course). Then I watched the Indycars parade around on a motorcycle track, which was the opposite of entertaining. It was depressing. If a casual fan was flipping around and came upon that Indycar race I can guarantee you that they aren't tuning in for the next "race".

I think that the circuit is very underrated in determining the quality of the racing. F1 can be very boring processions, even with the gimmicks like DRS, on the Tilke tracks but when they get on a classic track like Spa it is always good racing. Maybe the Indycars would put on a good show at a track like Road America. Hopefully we'll find out soon.

I hope that the new cars can do something to spice up the racing. However, as long as they are racing at places like Sonoma, Barber, and Mid-Ohio I don't have much hope.

Ron Ford

A note to Mr. Redcar: Up here in Sconsin, we take our deer shooting seriously. When we are not shootin' em, we are hittin' em with our cars. If IndyCar is smart enough to return to Road America, you can bet we will be shootin' em there too.

I agree with Dylan. How could that thing that took place at Sonoma even be called a race? Pretty pathetic when the sight of Robin Miller practically drooling was the highlight (?) of the race (?).


There are few places where the underpowered nature of the current Honda engine is more apparent than Sonoma. The Cup cars seems to have more life through the esses at Sonoma than these cars do.

IndyCar seems to be alternating snoozers with circus-music-ers, so I expect Baltimore to be a festival of carbon-fiber and anger issues. It is still quite possible, however, that Sonoma will have more successful overtakes than Baltimore.

Marty J in Des Moines

You called it, P Dog... it's still Sears Point to me. The on-board cameras brought back memories of the several rides around the track I did with Bob Bondurant back in the mid-seventies. I made two short movies about him and his driving school there. But this time, the race didn't excite me as much as my big screen TV did pushing down the carousel... trail braking, trail braking, stand on it!

Brian McKay

Baltimore will host a festival of carbon fiber - a real crash-fest like Toronto's, as drivers who're desperate to prove themselves make bonehead moves on an odd, short track.

Incidentally, I could do Wally Dallenbach's job. Pre-race exposition: "The drivers are gun a be earning their paychecks today" and "They're gun a be driving those race cars today."
I hate to listen to Jenkins and Dallenbach on Versus, and I hate to listen to Reid and Goodyear on ABC.


I made it to about lap 25 before I had to put myself out of my misery and switched to a movie. I'm glad the owners and sponsors like this venue because it is awful on tv.


Infineon has 1 and only 1 corner for passing for fast cars. That's corner 11 - the 'hairpin' if you will.

When NASCAR run there they have the same boring laps EXCEPT for the passing and sometimes carnage at corner 11.

Using inexplicable logic, Randy & Brian removed corner 11 from the circuit & used a shortcut to the start/finish line instead.
Ergo, no passing opportunities anywhere on the track and almost no passing in the race - just like they wanted.

How you can ruin a race ON PURPOSE before it even starts is just beyond me.


Have the IndyCar's ever run the full final hairpin in anger? It's a runoff/safety issue.


If it's a safety issue (and it probably is) why do they run (what) 250 mph down the straits at Indy pointed directly at a concrete wall with no runoff or crash protection at all?

The point is, if they're going to keep using that configuration, there's no point in going back to Infineon. If there's no passing zone what's the point? There could be if they chose to use it...... heck even NASCAR does.


I don't think drivers, teams, and officials fear brake failures at Indy like they do at Sears Point. I know I don't.

Brian McKay

-- Good answer!

Indy Soup

In person, there is no such thing as a boring IndyCar race! Haven't seen the replay yet, but I had a blast at the track. Most of which makes the race exciting cannot be communicated through TV, like the smell of ethanol, but Versus could do a much better job at showing bits of the race from the perspective of the fans in the stands. There were 30,000 people there and every single one of them had a great time. Seriously. Versus is completely out of touch with the folks who drive to the track, shell out the dough and cheer on the drivers. Blame Versus and not the track. I'm not a (US) football fan by any stretch, but those broadcasters always show fans having a great time...

Brent Mossburger

Indy Soup must be on the Indy Car PR team.

That was a dreadfully boring excuse for a race. Not sure why anyone would waste a few hours on a Sunday afternoon watching that.

I'd expect the TV ratings to be embarrassingly bad. And they should be. The ICS generally puts on uninteresting races with boring drivers and boring racing. Its just a bad TV product and the TV numbers point this out.

Two more awful races left in the season. By the time we get to Kentucky, nobody will be watching anyway. Its football season.


Sincerely glad you had a great time at the track, Indy Soup. Champ Car put on races that were great times in person as well, but now there's no more Champ Car, and all those people no longer have a great time at Champ Car races. The two are connected -- ratings and great times at tracks. Without the former, there won't be the later.


Can we please limit the motorcycle tracks. I love IndyCars. And I tolerate twisties, but this was a no-show.


A crisp Sonoma Chardonay is a beautiful thing, but it is nothing without a CORK SCREW- take me back to Laguna Seca


Track would lose its grade 2 FIA rating, which IndyCar needs to race, if they included the hairpin

Blame the FIA

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