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August 14, 2011


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Shouldn't the IHJ stand for Iron Head of Justice? That was the dumbest damn thing I've ever seen in racing...Barnhart is to officiating what Viso is to accident just waiting to happen!


Rain, fire, upside-down cars, yellow flags, red flags (and whatever the blue flag with the stripe is), three-wide, (three-wide sideways), insurmountable leads, (insurmountable leads surmounted into the wall), screaming owners, Hinch!, livid drivers, the double bird, ice dancing, Barnhart testifies (not under oath), Scott Goodyear still in a coma, 3D livery and Jamie Little. I'm okay with that.

Ron Ford

This will guarantee another five years of Robin Miller rants. Brian made a mistake and fessed up to it immediately. I believe he did the right thing regarding the finishing order. Finishing under yellow never gets any applause either. One must admit the result was pretty damn entertaining from a fan's standpoint, particularly the twin birds. One of the few times during the race that ABC didn't go to commercial.

Do yourself a favor and click on Will's photo montage (link thoughtfully provided above) featuring the now famous, if not viral, twin birds. Serious comedy!

Brian McKay

Good stuff:
"Drivers hurriedly stuff their McDonald's drive-through bags .. and finish their $1 large diet Cokes."
"Merry Christmas RHR for inheriting that lead AND removal of the car that was clearly 34% faster than any other car on the track."
I was surprised that Dario didn't take a motorbike directly to his Eurocopter but was willing to talk, then walk and talk, ... and that Marco Andretti didn't disappear, either.

Incidentally, notice Mike Andretti's demeanor change in an instant to elation?
No interview with Chip Ganassi after Dario crashed?
I do like Jamie Little and Gary Gerould.
Marty Reid and Scott Goodyawn? No, thanks.


servia won that race! justa ask dixon. just ask robin miller.


We wait so long to finally see an oval and they totally mess it up with poor officiating.

I think the first rain caution should have been a red flag they used up too many laps...if they wanted to make sure they didn't lose the track they should brought the cars in and sent out the safety trucks and pace car to help with the moisture.

Then the final decision to re-start was dumb again...if they want to finish under green they should have red flagged it and sent out the jet driers to insure they get the best possible surface to finish.


I don't see how Brian Barnhart keeps his job after this one. This was a fustercluck of the highest order. I'm not a big Barnhart-hater, but this was bad. Randy Bernard is going to have to let Brian go. Maybe Brian gets to finish the season, but I even that might be generous.


Brian B is an embarrasment to the sport. He owned up to his mistake basically to save his job. Most ridiculous decision ever. Oh, and Servia and Dixon claiming they finished 1st and 2nd is ludacris. RHR deserved the win and was the class of the field today. Good for RHR!


The race was restarted under green flag. When the yellow came out Servia was leading. Servia won! (shades of PT at Indy)

This whole sorry mess isn't TGBB's fault, it's Randy's because he lets this totally incompetent crap go on race after race.


Barnhart has to go! When are the owners going to demand a change? As someone said yesterday, there is no Indy Car rule book, they just make it up as they go along. The inconsistencies in officiating have been terrible this season. We are also tired of the way Francitti gets preferential treatment from Barnhart, just because Dario is the first woman to win the Indy 500.
I thought Al Unser Jr. would be a good candidate to take the job, but he had to have signed off on the decision to go green today. We know Al wants the job (we know this because Uncle Bobby said in an interview during the 500 that he had talked to Al, Jr. and he didn't want Barnhart's job).
It's amazing how often Franchitti bangs wheels with people and today it bit him on the ass! (To the sound of much cheering in our home on race day!)


Does Dario beat the other drivers behind closed doors? It was surreal to see Taku apologize for Dario running into him.

'Dog, was hoping you'd use the the reworked IndyCar logo with Power's double bird flip that's all over the messageboards as your image for the notes. :)

And yeah, "Speechless" as Newman-Haas' tweeter said about summed it up for me. Poor Oriol.


I enjoy RMiller on television, but I don't enjoy the mob negatively of his letters column so--unlike those people--I don't have real anti-Brian Barnhart bias either.

But I do agree with IndySpeed and others that INDYCAR rules seem (more and more) to be inconsistent and "made up on the spot."

It seems the decision to go green at the end was done in the interest of providing good entertainment--an exciting green flag ending to the race on ABC so there wouldn't be the "boring to end a race under yellow" complaints. Unfortunately, either the right people weren't consulted, or if they were, they were ignored. So...not good. Except for the resultant publicity.

And when it came to the decision as to how to set the finishing order? This was an attempt to be fair by manipulating the rules. And another example of two wrongs don't make a right. It should have come down to one thing--who was leading the race when the yellow came out? Who "deserves" to win has nothing to do with it, otherwise they'd have to put Dario back in P1.

Good notes, Dog. Will's photos hilarious.


I was at the race with the family and have a bit of another take on the restarts. Clearly the decision to go green throughout the day was ... ready for it 'dawg? ... "for the fans". There was an electric buzz in the stands when the lights went out, the pace car pulled off, and they lined up double file. Quote from the guy behind me "these guys have more stones than those NASCAR drivers (who BTW didn't race on a road course in the wet)". Another item that isn't noted is that there was slight rain and mist around the speedway since lap 85 (though just slightly heavier at lap 220) which everyone was noting in the stands it remarkable that they continued to run. Nevertheless, there was a huge buzz in the air as everyone was departing the track. Yep, unquestionably safety was a bit compromised but I don't think anyone will disagree the exposer of this event is more of what IndyCar needs. Jerry Gappens won't have too much trouble selling more tickets for next years (fingers crossed) event. Haha ... Jerry already has Will captured in his glory for promotional material.


Damn, PDog, you's one funny summbitch. All the clown car bits? Shoot, ain't NO MAN make fi'ty jokes in one blog post!

Well, you's jus' a world-shaker Luke.


Leigh O'Gorman

Sometimes I wonder if the only reason Brian Barnhart is still in his job is so he can make poor decisions and get the drivers super animated.
Will Power is certainly doing the broadcast rounds.


Well if not for the poor officiating, we'd all be talking about the Milwaukee-sized crowd and whether or not the race will return (this is a 1 year deal with NHIS). Crazy-like-foxes those IndyCar officials are. ;)

Tom G.

It's on mornings like this that I miss the Pagoda the most.

Was it a fustercluck? Yes. Was I entertained? Immensely more than Mid-Ohio, Edmonton, and Toronto combined.

I think the need a bronze statue of Will giving the double bird to replace Gorgon The Conqueror on the Championship Trophy.

Ron Ford

What Redcar said! And thanks to IndyfaninNH for the fan in the stands take on things.

Pretty funny that's lead in promo about the race is "Danica in Middle of Controversial Finish". Well, that is a clever way of getting Danica's name out there, but a real stretch never-the-less. Say what you will, but the girl generates publicity for the series. I believe that Danica showed once again that on ovals she is a very good driver. Watching her bounce from car to car like a pinball at the end and still keep it going was very entertaining


IndyCar has taken to playing thematic music during driver intro's. I think we've now found Will Power's ... you guessed it ... "Surfin' Bird" by the Trashmen ... "P'Dog don't you know that the Bird is The Word"

Stan The Caddy

"I believe that Danica showed once again that on ovals she is a very good driver."

No, she showed she can avoid carnage. Which TK, Scheckter, Rahal, Sato, Hildebrand and Dario couldn't. That's the big reason she moved up. She was a midpacker all weekend, in every session.

Danica has had a terrible year. And she is the only driver on her team to not win.

Brian McKay

Whanica didn't avoid carnage; she CAUSED it and got a damaged car.
I saw the top four racers and Briscoe drive straight forward ...
I'll be glad when Whanica and Viso and Barnhart are gone.

Ron Ford

If you don't think Danica has been good for the series and will be glad when she is gone, well, you are entitled to your opinion. She is a smart, consistant driver that seldom finishes out of the top ten in points each year (she is only three points out of the top ten this season despite having a down season) and has now finished 45 races without a DNF. Is she among the very best, no, but year in and year out she is amongst the top ten at season's end. She is currently ahead of Hildebrand, Meira, Tags, Hinchcliffe, Conway, Wilson, Kimball, Simona, Viso, and assorted others.

It is one thing to sit in the stands or behind a keypad and criticize. She drives a race car and drives it well at speeds in excess of 200 MPH. What exactly is it that you want from her?


Tom G, you are spot on, my friend. Today we'd all be at the Pagoda (no offense, PDog) making ridiculous comments and turnin our frowns upsidedown. Damn I miss that.

At any rate, I fully support the remaking of the flying cocksman into double-flying birdsman, playing Surfin Bird by the Trashmen when Power is announced for the rest of the season, and covertly putting glitter on Dario's car the night before the race... (because that's what a good princess deserves).

Mike R

@ Ron Ford: Your points are good about Danica. She has been good for the series, rarely walls the car, seems to always move forward into good finishes. There's certainly talent there.
That said, I won't miss her. The series, I'm sure, will.
Dario shot himself in the foot. He moved down towards Sato as much or more than Sato moved up toward Dario. At least Taku has the courage and humility to admit what he did, unlike Elvis Judd (© Meeshbeer), who rarely if ever admits to an error.
Barnhart's admission of a bad call only reverses the damage done to the finishing order had they red-flagged the race instead of attempting to go green against all better judgment. The damage to cars is slightly less than the damage to his credibility to call the shots on these races. The cars can be fixed pretty quickly. His credibility? That may be FUBAR.


Thank you Pressdog! You're the best! I've always loved Will Power... but lots of love for him now! ┌∩┐ WILL POWER ┌∩┐

Tom G.

DZ - Long live the Pagoda.

and tell me this statue doesn't resemble the Birdman's double barrel salute.


I keep hearing people mention something about B.B. confessing to something. That never happened. He admitted there were mistakes and that the re-start was the wrong thing to do but made it clear that nobody told him anything.

I found it disgusting that he "confessed" on behalf of the series while distancing himself from the mistake.

He said that ultimately, the decision is his but he makes that decision based on what he's told. With that statement he threw every official at the race under the bus. They failed to tell him what every person at the track and in New Hampshire in general already knew. It was raining.


@ stan the caddy

1) Kanaan, Scheckter and Hildebrand were behind her when they had their respective crashes, and they all got passed by her on track, green flag conditions.

2) She passed a lot of cars, ran among the likes of Power, Briscoe and Dixon with no problem and stayed on the lead lap while everybody behind her was getting swallowed by Dario. No sign of attrition. All things you would have noticed had you watched the race carefully. But of course you didn't, just like many others.

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