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September 21, 2011


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Gurney Eagle

I really, really dislike those rear tire guards.

Br!an McKay



One thing occurred to me after seeing your closer pics of the rear tire guards - longer pit stops. Granted 'longer' may reflect an additional .8 to 1.5 seconds, but still, rear tire changing will be a bit more cumbersome, more chance for error. Not saying it's bad or good, just an ob.


Thanks for the notes p-dog and thanks for the photos of Dan Wheldon and the 2012 IndyCar. You rock.


I agree with the comment about the longer pit stops due to the rear tire guards. I'm also curious to see how these will hold up with even the slightest of impact as the clearance seems pretty minimal. With all the clanging that has occurred this year, I would expect plenty of attrition in races next year; I mean, Viso may not even make it past the parade lap....


Like some of the other commenters, I have concerns about the car's crash/contact durability. Pressdog posted some great close-up photos of the various parts of the car. It sounds like they have worked on the safety of the cockpit, but what about the bodywork?

The rear tire guard looks vulnerable. I'm also concerned about that flat plane behind each front tire. It looks like another car's tire could ride up on top of it.

I wonder how much crash testing has been done with the car. I also wonder if they plan on intentionally having a couple cars rub and make contact (as safely as possible) to see which pieces come off the car and how. Computer modeling isn't good enough. It stinks to have to damage some cars, but their safety needs to be tested. We know the cars are going to bounce off each other, or worse.

Shane Rogers

I read a lot of the schmuck that you write, and sometimes I think "If I had a dog called Chester and an underground lair, I could do that." Then I read something like this and realise that I should not give up my day job. An AP or a Des Monies Register is missing a great article. Well done.


Thanks, Superstar (Shane). I probably had you at the word "protocol." Chester says hi.


The car's fine. There's less risk of tire cutting and interlocking than before. Safety first.

Mike (15DaysinMay)

A couple of great posts on the Iowa test, Pdog...thanks for your hard work! I wasn't a big fan of Wheldon's in the past but I have really warmed up to him this year. I think in a strange way his not having a ride (and winning the 500 of course) has actually raised his visability. He's been in front of -- and part of -- the media a lot more and I've really enjoyed his contributions. Big fan now!

Clint Moore

Racing cars should always be tested, as extensive testing can let drivers know how to handle their cars on the track. Testing can also flush out the flaws of the cars and allow for repairs before the real race happens.


the past but I have really warmed up to him this year.

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