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October 17, 2011


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Leigh O'Gorman

I could never have put it better Bill, never.


Thank you Bill! Tears continue to roll with every tribute. He was a nice guy. I was fortunate enough to work with him at this year's 500. There wasn't a nicer guy around. Treated everyone like they were his top priority. He was a gem. IndyCar lost a great one. He will be missed.

Alan  Airboy58

that was very well said Bill, we are all the better for having had Dan on the planet


Thank you Bill. Although we've met only once, I can tell you're a nice guy too.

Mike Knapp

Well done, Bill. Thanks for that.


Well said, Bill.

Paul Henry

I cannot begin to match the simplicity of style and warmth I find in your words. Nothing can compare to the way one is regarded in life and Dan certainly lived beyond his expertise behind the wheel. You captured it well for all of us.


Excellent. Thanks, Bill.


Nicely said, Bill. Dan will certainly be missed.


Nicely done, Bill. You did find the right words.

C Meier

Simple and true. Well said.

S. Trickey

Very well said Bill. Dan will be sorely missed and I hope God looks after Susie and their two sons in this difficult time, as well as the rest of Dan's family. RIP Dan


Its comforting to read something so genuine and sincere when something horrible like this has happened. Thank you for taking the time in your moment of sorrow to write such a lovely tribute to a person who also happened to be an athlete.




Thanks Bill.

And thanks Dan.

That's all. Peace.

Ron Ford

You really nailed it here Bill. I'm not surprised. When I see photos of his infectious grin I can't help but laugh through the tears. He sure was special.


Thanks, Bill. I know this had to be hard to write. And thank you Dan Wheldon for all the great memories... You will live forever in our hearts and minds.

Will Schilling (SactoIndyFan)

Perfect words Bill. When my dad passed, I was amazed how many people came up to me and said the same thing. That's what I think we all strive for. RIP to a wonderful man in every sense of the word, Dan Wheldon.

Bill Davis

I feel a sense that all is right in the world after reading your magical words Bill

LA Baker

class act. fiercely competitive driver. mischevious imp. and nice guy. He was just coming into his own, and we'll never know just how much he could have truly accomplished.

p.s. knew you would have the words when they failed all the rest of us. Thx PD.


amen, bill.

Dale Nixon

Thanks Bill - great job.


Would that I could go out admired by so many for so much.

God speed Dan.

Ekaterin Nile

I'll always remember seeing Dan Wheldon post-Indy 500 in 2005. My husband and I were wandering around the infield when all of a sudden we saw Dan standing on a balcony/catwalk grinning and waving like a madman at the fans in the infield (must have been after the interviews were finished). We gave him a resounding cheer. I don't usually think about the afterlife, but I hope wherever Dan is, he's flashing his radiant smile and looking forward to another drink of milk in an afterlife Indy 500 Victory Lane.

Brian McKay

a fitting eulogy


Thanks, Bill. Just the right words.

Thanks, Dan. We'll miss you.

The Speedgeek

Thank you, Bill.


Jesus that was phenomenal.


Well done as always Bill.


Thank you Bill. Very nice piece with an awesome perspective. Thought provoking and an honest piece.


After finishing 2nd, for the 2nd year in a row, at the 2010 Indy 500, when the other drivers were long done for the day, Dan Wheldon was with the fans in Gasoline Alley. Signing autographs, interacting, having his photo taken by the fans, with the fans, and even using their cameras to take photos of them! Nothing against the other drivers by any measure, but I'll never forget Dan mugging with us fans as if there was nothing more important in his life. A wonderful person.

Thank you Bill for being here for us now. You make all the difference.


Thank you for all the kind comments. Very touching. Just my way of saying goodbye to a nice guy. It helped me to write it, so thanks for sharing it with me. I'm glad if brought some comfort/meaning to you.

Mike R

That was pretty near perfect, Bill. "Pretty near" 'cause the world's only seen perfect once. God bless you, sir.

Tom Clegg

Well spoke Bill.

Truly a nice guy.

It takes one to know one.

Chris Lukens

RIP, Dan.
"Now cracks a noble heart.
Good night, sweet prince,
and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest".


You make me want to cry again, pressdog...'for all the best and worst reasons, both'. I will try to answer your tribute with one of my own hand, right here; hopefully as short as I can make it.

"Of many of many great racing drivers, it has been said, they were 'what racing is all about'. Of THIS great racing driver, it can be said, 'he was what racing SHOULD be all about'."

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