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October 29, 2011


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Great read and nice to see there are still some real journalists out there. Cool points to Jenna and the Pressdog.

Mike Knapp

Nice work as always. Jenna has done a fantastic job over the last couple of weeks.

Vinnie Lopez

I forwarded this to my daughter that is attending Journalism school.


Much love for the true journos whose drive for accuracy and fairness first, then speed, makes for a better news world.

Standards for quality in many industries exist for a reason - to provide a threshold at which the end-user may get the best product at a reasonable level. I read 'best' with regard to journalism meaning factual event reporting uncluttered with writer opinion and inaccuracy made for the sake of speed.

I applaud and also agree with the AP standards for reporting. Much like anything else we consume in this world, I'd rather have 'correct' than 'quick'.

An indirect thanks here to Jenna for joining this open-wheel world, your quality will always be welcome here.

Thanks again to PDog for illuminating what can be a darker (and negative) sport with your timely and properly-placed props.


I agree Jenna is the shit and share all the admiration for her standards and deportment. I just hope everyone who is singing praises now doesn't turn on her the first time she publishes the truth about IndyCar that people find inconvenient or "negative." I hope (and believe) that Jenna isn't afraid to write about the truth when it's less than flattering to IndyCar as well.

Tim in Independence

I was really pleased to see her articles. Cavin, Miller, Pruett and Oreo are all great but it never hurts to have more attention being brought on the series

Lorraine Donohue

Keep the New Jersey attitude girl! We're proud of you

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