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December 20, 2011


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Good way for Pippa to improve her road racing skills. I wish more drivers (Ed Carpenter, Danica, Marco, ect.) would do this type of thing to try and keep their skills up


A "visibly excited" Darshan?


But yes, good news. Why is Karun Chandhok in the purely international list though, I wonder?


Her Majesty is most pleased.

Leigh O'Gorman

At last it seems like it's happening, but I'm still sceptical. I see they have lost yet another race since their last news announcement.
This series has had so many delays and cancellations at this stage, I (and they) must be hoping to get this first year out of the way.
Should be interesting to see if the Bahrain race goes ahead - all eyes will be on that, internationally at least.

Leigh O'Gorman


Regarding Karun, it has to do with Chandhok's Grade 1 racing license as opposed to nationality.

Jimmy B

Only discovered you recently, read some of your old notes from Champ Car races, I almost fell over laughing a few times. Who knew racing was so funny?
I think the two end columns are International Experience (hence Chandhok), or Indian origin, with the third and middle column being Indian/International, meaning either/or, they just left out the slash. Teams are required to have at least one driver of Indian origin (of lesser experience) and one International, with the third driver being optional from one category or the other. There's no other sensible explanation for a lot of those drivers being in that category. Also, only two of the three will race on any given weekend, the 3rd will practice and be ready as a replacement if necessary. Since a major purpose of this is likely to give Indian drivers experience and exposure, I wonder how much Pippa and Cyndie are each going to get to drive, if it'll be one or the other and their Indian teammate getting the other car most or all of the time. I hope not. Don't know if Pippa knows this level of detail yet, but you'd be more likely to find out from her than I. She posted volumes the past few days in the forum I'm in to answer some questions and some critics, but I suspect she's ready to lay low and lurk for a while and I don't want to be a pest.

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