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February 15, 2012


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John Penn

Hey, Danica, you can't hide those hips.


Thanks for posting up the link on GoDanica7.

Tim in Independence

Congrats P-dog nice work.


Great interview and great read.
Many thanks to both Danica and Pressdog!!
I will reluctantly watch Nascar just to see Danica racing but really wish she was still racing in at least a few IndyCar races.
It would have been nice to see how she did in the new car, but
I kind of doubt she'll be back.

Ray Snut

Great interview P-Dawg! You actually managed to ask Danica a few questions that I haven't heard before.


Thanks for the story Pressdog!! Always enjoy your interviews with Danica.


Thanks for the shout outs and reading. Thanks to Danica for giving me the time and going with the flow. I was most impressed with her answer on the haters question.


Excellent interview on a wide and interesting array of topics. It's easy to become a fan of people who conduct themselves in the manner that Danica exhibited in her answers. I'll be in her camp this weekend. But before that, I'm doing the COPD screening.


That's the best photo of Daniker I've ever seen. Well, maybe second best...

Hope she has a successful year.

B. Par

Fantastic interview, pd. Of all those in the media, you seem to be the only one who "GETS IT" when it comes to dp.


Scotty Gates

She looks old in that picture.


Agreed, redcar. Top is one of my favorite photos of Danica. That and the big closeup of her in her Motorola suit I use all the time.


That was a wonderfull job PDog...and Danica is a straight shooter.

Jimmy Jump

What's this about Jenna Fryer outing your PSP moniker to the HunnyBadger?


"Princess Sparkle Pony" was coined by Tommy Kendall waaaay back in 2006ish, so it's not my moniker. BUT, I did use it back in my Danica Hater days, which are fully discussed here: I have not used "sparkle pony" in several years in any sort of derogatory way. I've said it maybe three times over the last few years in ways like "sparkle pony express" when Danica is passing people on the track. I recently inquired via Twitter as to the origins of Sparkle Pony to help my buddy Jeff Olson research where it started for a USA Today article. Perhaps that's where Jenna associated it with me. Jenna knows of my genuine respect and admiration for Danica.

frank purcell

thanks danica for being there for copd i have advanced copd i'm very happy that you recognise the illness go for the green you will always win

Gus Pontikos

Keep the word out on COPD! I have it and appreciate your help making people aware.

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