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February 22, 2012


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You earned all the help that you got. Cheers!!


You make a great ambassador for the sport of auto racing.Here's my quote
"May the sun always shine on your face and have the wind at your back."


It's going to be great to have you around the Series doing social media and promotion. Congratulations, and I know Ed hired a fan favorite for sure!

The Speedgeek

Atta girl. And just so's you know, I'm heading out to get a bottle of Fuzzy's this weekend, such that I might enjoy enough "Fuzzy's and tonics" to make Daytona semi-watchable.

Oh, who am I kidding? Daytona will be nap-inducing for 198 laps followed by a 2-lap catastrophe, but I'll be looped on good vodka and won't care. Whatever. It's good to see you land on your feet.


Great news, although I'll miss hearing that sexy voice on TV (podcasts and video segments please ;) ) If someone from Ohio (other than Penske) can't win, Ed's next on my list.

Now, let's get Sarah a motor and get this season started.

Linda Rosenberg

One of my fave quotes is: "Friends are the Family you Choose"...and while I will miss having you back with our TV know we don't stop there! I am so proud of you Lindy Loo for getting back to Indy Car, with something you are so well suited for...Fuzzy and Ed are lucky guys! Can't wait to officially celebrate with you and the King of have to bring the Vodka though :-) xoxo!


Good luck, Lindy. We'll miss you on the broadcasts, but know you'll do fine.

Ralph Simpson

Woman of Pressdog are all beauties & now Lindy is one of them. Loved you in the pits & will be greatly missed. So happy you got this gig. Hope to see you at the track.

Edmund Hershberger

Going to the store to buy some Fuzzy's Vodka tonight. And I don't even like Vodka.

Ron Ford

Congratulations Lindy and good luck! To honor you and this Iowa guy I am going to try some Fuzzy's on my corn flakes.

Dan Bridges


Terry Bramble Anderson

Best wishes! So happy for you. A truly inspiring piece.

Dan, lots of us do. Didn't your mother ever tell you, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all"?

Lindy Thackston

Thank you everyone for your kind words! Dan, sorry you feel that way but thanks for your comment.


Time to reinvent yourself, using the killer skillz that come so naturally to you.
Boiler, Class of 1972

BMF Wheels

CONGO!!! For your new achievements....Have great time ahead...In your racing you may add BMF wheel and make us a part of your adventure.

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