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February 22, 2012


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Savage Henry

Since I have almost no knowledge and no input into this situation, I'm going to boldly propose a solution. According to Robin Miller, RLL is still on the fence about running a 2nd car. If they don't run the second car, that engine could/would go to Sarah's team.

Obviously RLL wants to run the 2nd car because 1) more data/input on setups; 2) they could use the check that the no-name GP2 also-ran would show up with. But wait! Sarah has a budget, a driver, and some expertise in car setup.

Last year several teams ran cars "in association with Sam Schmidt Motorsports". So lets say this year Sarah runs her car "in association with RLL" as RLL's de facto 2nd car. Sarah gets her engine, RLL gets their check, they agree to share data and setup information at all tracks, and the series gets a fan favorite and avoids an embarrassing situation. Everybody wins! Where am I wrong on this.


That makes entirely too much sense, Savage.

Chris B

one small problem with that scenario, RLL wants an Italian GP2 driver, (that 80% of us have never heard of; and you wonder where all the fans went) AND to top it off, though unintended Sir Randy invited this guy to Vegas to shop him around in Vegas last year.

Yes call me a xenophobe, I am ready, but this bullshit has gotta end -- its bad when die hards like myself are hanging on by our nails.


The damage has already been done with this Sarah without an engine thing. Her team has been damaged by no pre-season testing, and IndyCar has been damaged as yet again being rather amateurish in the big leagues of motorsport and corporate management. Here is the boilerplate you can insert in any article about Sarah's team this upcoming season (if she has a season):

"SFHR got off to a late start this season due to IndyCar officials not ensuring that all teams would have an engine available to them by the time of preseason testing. American driver Josef Newgarden, the 2011 Indy Lights Champion, the feeder series to IndyCar, who joined SFHR as their driver for the 2012 season has had a tough time of it in going for IndyCar rookie of the year against wealthy foreign-born drivers on more well-funded teams."

Don't you love it when simply stating the facts is as damning as you can get?

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