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February 17, 2012


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I wish Shannon well and will be following her development as a driver this year.


The young lady from a sort of small town in Ohio has come a very long way.

Best of luck.

Chris B


David Williams

I have been following Shannon McIntosh for a long time, and some time ago I said in the public prints that “she is the complete package” -- a ton of racing experience, multiple wins, passion, ambition and drive, good looks, skill at the business side of racing, and about anything else you can think of that might contribute to a stellar career in racing. I think it's relevant that, like Danica Patrick, she is “a little girl.” And a gymnast to boot. There is something about watching a pretty little girl climb into one of these beasts we call a race car and go out on the track with the serious intent to kick ass. Seventeen Magazine, when Shannon was one of their “Pretty Amazing” crew, labeled her “sweet and edgy,” which she agreed with, saying at the time it was the way she had always viewed herself, and -- together with everything I’ve just said -- recent racing history has told me that that is a winning combination. I find very exciting the prospect of watching the rapid rise of her career.

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