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February 24, 2012


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St. Pete's doing a great job.

As far as ovals, didn't Milwaukee offer quite a few support races last year?

Could one reason that street races (festivals) are doing better now is because you can watch, listen, wander, mingle, go to a restaurant or your hotel room at any time? It's an event, similar to the Superbowl party in downtown Indy. But at an oval you're sort of trapped in the country for a specific period, getting sunburnt and eating cold hot dogs, and are ready to go home after one race? (Okay--a bit of an exaggeration to make a point.)


As redcar said, GPSP is doing a heck of a job since ALMS decided it didn't want to race in SP.

"a zillion races on any given weekend. Why ovals don't do this, I have no idea."

Ferrari World Challenge, Pirelli World Challenge, Continental Tires sports car series, Trans Am, and American Le Mans Series doesn't race on ovals. And North American Touring Car Championship didn't race on ovals.

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