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February 13, 2012


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Well put Bill.

Excellent points, all. You are correct in the previous regime operating in secrecy. It wasn't just TG either. The whole bunch acted as if the fans were just a necessary evil for what they really wanted. Randy Bernard's team seems to put the fans ahead of everything.

Regarding "relentless Pollyanna"; I try to be positive, while still maintaining a realistic approach. I think the current group in charge has a handle on that as well.

I still bet there will be some little nugget come out of today's events that will be a surprise - and in a good way. That seems to be Randy Bernard's MO.

I almost just wrote a post. Bill, you need to put a black background with white typeface on here. [ducks to avoid flying projectiles hurled from p-dog]

Marty J in Des Moines

I'll be waiting for the 5:30 session... after all... I'm still too dumb for opera, but too smart for NASCAR... can't wait for racing...


I enjoyed the show, it was cool and fun. I thought it would be much more protocolar. But the guys and gals were all cool and funny (especially Tags and TK!). In a few years, this could even get televised (on ESPN Ocho or NBC Sports 4, of course).

I never thought Randy would talk like that to naysayers, I thought he would ignore them and give instead a feel good ending. He seems really stressed, but also totally right.


I watched the live stream. The lighting was...dark. The music was either the theme song from American Gladiators or He-Man and the drivers sorta looked like the waitstaff at Hana Sushi. And I'm sure P-dog will be even more disappointed than the rest of us that Lindycar was let go.

But the Firestone news was good, as was the TV schedule. Mainly I really like how Randy Bernard confronts things head-on. Indycar is lucky to have found that dude.

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