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February 07, 2012


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Oh, joy. Quote:

"In short, she's not in the Izod IndyCar Series anymore.

She's in the NFL of racing, with all of the attention and scrutiny that entails."

Gee, thanks Jeff Olson. Thank you very much. >:-(

Yes, I realize that the comparison is on solid ground. I'm not saying he's wrong, I'm saying it frikkin' *hurts* :(


I have never been one to be impressed by the cult of personalty that we the public tend to be dazzled by.

My disdain (never hate) for her is based on the fact she made a reputation by developing a cult of personality prior to accomplishing anything.

Mario, A.J., Dale Sr., name any winning driver you'd like, and they all had a cult of personality, but it usually was results driven.

She still hasn't accomplished anything and is propelling a business based on her physical attributes and appearance. It's one way to make a living, but I prefer to withhold my driver admiration for people who can deliver race results.

In short she hasn't dazzled me yet.


I respect that position 1000% George, and I would wager large cash that Danica does too. I only have issues when people cross from dislike or even disdain into verbally abusing or taking glee and pleasure from and hoping for horrible things to befall Danica ... or any driver for that matter.


I agree Bill, no room for haters in any pursuit, least of all recreational sports. "The Split" resulted in a cult of haters on both sides of the racing disagreement, and I guess that attitude is still prevalent in lots of folks. I was one of the aforesaid haters of TG and a full blown supporter of the CART side of the war.

But I'm feeling much better now, regardless of who "won". :) By the way, I still think we all lost.

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