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March 31, 2012


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Brooks Davis

Awesome...great example for aspiring young women in engineering and the racing industry. Collete is the complete package We need more like her in the series. Like Pippa said; need a sponsor to team up with her for a complete program of testing and racing to develope her to potential now!

Julie Davis

Great article on Breaking Barriers! Collete is truly an under-dog and continues to impress me in everything she sets outs to accomplish :) I'm excited to see where her journey takes her... She is learning so much, and building upon each of her racing experiences. Thanks so much for sharing this article!

You can keep up with Collete on her Facebook Fanpage

...and of course her website

Ron (Milwaukee Mile) Ford

Thanks Bill for continuing to help promote the careers of these young lady racers. For an old open wheel racing fan, I think the increasing number of women drivers is a wonderful, positive trend for the sport.

Don Crossman

I love women with big brains.

Titus Pullo

If young women want to be engineers, then fine. But keep in mind that women earn college degrees in far greater numbers than men nowadays. At age 24, for every 100 men with a degree there are 148 women with one. At age 23 the ratio is 100 to `64 and age 22 it is 100 to 187.

Maybe women don't want to be engineers in the same way that Pressdog and many other Indycar fans don't want to see Penske and Ganassi win on a series heavily dominated by road and street courses.

gary fair

best of luck getting into indycar, and being the 1st female to win the indy 500 (luv your NEW hair style!).

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