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March 25, 2012


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I watched the BBC coverage.

It was the HRT's fault for stopping on the track in front of Button. (sigh).
It was the HRT's fault for not stopping on the track when Vettel wanted to chop across in front of it. (sigh).

Perez threw the race to save their Ferrari engine contract. (well yeah).

Can't wait to see the SPEED coverage.

Politics, politics, politics..............


There isn't much to conclude after two races (especially when one was rained on), but I think it's safe to say that Red Bull's dominance has waned. My worry is now they're just being replaced by McLaren, and the only real contest will be whether Button or Hamilton wins the title (just like Vettel/Weber did two years ago).


One conclusion seems obvious: Massa will be gone after the season and Perez will be Alonso's next teammate, if not sooner. Ferrari doesn't have a huge bench of talent in the test driver seat (doubt there's any enthusiasm to bring back Fisichella again), so unless they find Peter Sauber's price to let Perez go early, Massa may just see out the season.


Boring as watching golf. Manufactured results, just awful. Done with F1.


I believe Massa will be gone before the next race. Nothing to gain by waiting. It's a damn shame for Sauber that Ferrari will take back Perez. He really has gotten comfortable with that chassis.

Not sure if Sauber will continue to shine if the sun does on race day, but wet F1 races are always fascinating to watch. And Kobayashi will extract all he can.

Kimi continues to impress as well. Could see him on the podium soon.


I would expect Kobayashi over Perez at Ferrari, or at least hope that's the case. Kobayashi in a (hopefully) competitive car could get me to watch a lot more F1


Not sure of all the facts, but Perez is one of those junior development drivers previously backed by Ferrari; I think he is "on loan" to Sauber.

But I agree, Koby in a Ferrari could be better then Perez. Either Perez or Koby can do well in the Sauber until the next round of car upgrades come out, then the Big Boys will all step up in performance and leave Sauber-Williams-Force India behind. The big question is will Lotus have the money to "step up" to keep the Kimster competitive??

Leigh O'Gorman

I must disagree with the conspiracy theorists here.

The plain facts are Perez has scored 18 points in a single race, meaning Sauber have taken 30 points in the opening two races. In the entirity of last year, Sauber took only 44 points.

In a series where the prize money is based soley on Constructor Championship position (there are zero payouts from FOM for wins, poles, etc...), Sauber badly -- and I mean *badly* needed these points. That the team are facing serious financial risk adds to this pressure.

Anyone that knows Perez should know that while he can be a steady racer for most part, he a history of "losing it" in times of great pressure. He is slowly getting over that, but if people really think Perez would deliberately throw his car over a wet kerb beside a gravel trap of no return while running 2nd, then you don't get the peril Sauber are facing...

...and no partnership with Ferrari could make up for the loss of that 2nd place.

Perez got that message simply because Sauber *really* couldn't afford to lose it.


Hi Leigh,

I don't think any knowledgeable F1 fans believe Sauber held any thing back in their pursuit of the win. Certainly Perez didn't!

I believe Sauber's message was please don't blow second place in your chase for the win. I don't think anyone can realize the fine line of risk all drivers run while in the wet, and while Sergio came a bit short he should be praised for the heroic (and near tragic) effort he made.

Great racing regardless of the outcome!

Leigh O'Gorman

Definitely George,
A thrilling fight to the flag to tie up an excellent race.
Not a bad way to spend a Sunday morning.


Thanks for the comments. Perez closing on Alonso was indeed exciting. As usually, F1's graphics gave us a great stream of data that showed the closing gap.


team orders were legalized before last year i think. fyi. great race notes as usual.

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