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March 09, 2012


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Great interview as always, P Dog. Hinch has proven himself someone to keep an eye on both on track and off. We need to see more driver personalities like this; the fans like to be able to relate to their favorite competitors, and getting a closer look at the drivers off the track like Hinch provides is key to building the fan base.

Dewey Redman

Well done, Mr. Dog. A good insight into Mr. Hinch--all business on the track, and comfortable and secure enough to be himself off the track.

Mike R

He's funny even in an interview when it's not intentional. Hinch is one of the best additions to the Series in a long, long time.

Simona Fan

Great to see that from Hinch. What a fantastic personality for IndyCar. If he can win a few races, he will be a bright star that will draw in the non-racing fans. He's easy to root for.

I think I started liking him when he finished fourth (Long Beach?) and the interviewer asked him if he was pleased with his race and he answered "Crap, yes!". Loved it.


I think Andretti made a great decision in hiring Canadian James Hinchcliffe. He has the driving expertise of the late great fellow Canuck Greg Moore, combined with the agressive edge of another great Canadian driver Paul Tracy.This guy will one day win it all!

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Whether he's setting IndyCar fans a blaze with comic video stylings, working his way to Rookie of the Year Awards or taking over a sponsor for You Know Who, Canadian James Hinchcliffe (@Hinchtown) brings a refereeing sense of fun and...

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