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March 05, 2012


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I'm sorry, but by eyes just glazed over.

I suppose I'm now atypical of what the average fan is supposed to be. I don't want to tweet, chirp, fart or phone the ex-wife during a race. I just want to watch the race.

Randy, if you want to enhance my viewing experience do the following:

Reduce the number of commercials by 75%. Nothing but nothing ruins the continuity of a race like having more commercial time than race coverage. I didn't think it was possible to ruin a race like ABC does to Indy until I saw this years FOX commercialfest at Daytona.

Accept that race coverage is a good thing.

Pit stops are NOT race coverage. I've seen a tire change before. Once is enough. Lets watch fighting for position, driving skill & all that.

Interviews with wives, the neighboring farmer, blimp pilots, and assorted other trash are also NOT race coverage. It's just crap that interrupts the on-track flow. Save it for the pre-race show.

On the last lap, when 2 guys are fighting it out I do NOT want to spend 20 seconds watching their wives in the pits. It's called a 'reaction shot' & the directors think it's artsy..... but it's just crap that drives people insane.

I have more but I'm going for a walk on the beach.

Sorry about the thread drift Pressdog but at some point the voices of people who don't give a darn about social media at the races have to be heard.

Sux to be old and cranky.


I don't mind the comment, SOCSeven and I hope you have emailed them to Randy et al. Just recall it's rarely an either/or proposition. It's very possible to integrate Twitter into broadcasts et al AND do everything you mention above if desired. If integrating twitter handles into graphics completely consumes the networks leaving no energy to make other changes, well then we're screwed no matter what.


#marketinggimmick #middleschool #fad

Ralph Balf

One caveat.. bad news spreads fast, too. Vegas tv rating tripled within 30 minutes after Wheldon took flight.


@S0CSeven: Sorry, I'll get off your lawn.
@Ralph: It was also used extensively at that race for communication. For better or for worse, the tweets from Ms. Judd (and subsequent retweets from everyone and their dog) immediately after the event gave us hope and prevented us from losing our sh*t. I think we all needed the time between the accident and formal announcement to get ourselves together. I preferred to keep hope rather than wander for an hour thinking "WTF?".
Personally, I appreciate Twitter and its use as a tool to get word out that a TV or radio broadcast might otherwise not be able to. Yes, it would be good to get better broadcast coverage, but its *impossible* to get every comment from every team on the air. Twitter enables that in a different broadcast medium.

Tim in Independence

Great article p-dog, duly posted on TF.


Ok, so how do I email 'Randy et al'??

Titus Pullo

It's great that Reubens Barrichello has 1.5 million twitter followers. On the other hand, Soleil Moon Frye has 1.4 million and her acting career basically consists of "Punky Brewster" 25 years ago.

Relationship Issues With Ning Club

I know through time, space, compassion and attention I will come through this grief recovery process with the wonderful memories of my mom, with her estate wrapped up in a teal bow and with closure for her amazing life.

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