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March 18, 2012


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Hamilton's a wanker for that crap attiude. It's a podium, and good points for the Constructors championship. Enjoy it.


Kimster had the drive of the day, loved watching him work.

By the way, two tire compounds were introduced when F1 was reduced to a single tire manufacturer, just to make it interesting. When Michelin and Bridgestone were at each others throats, no two compound rule was required.


Damon, not David, Hill :)

Simona Fan

So glad you're doing Formula One notes. Great work. Even better when my driver wins. :) Gotta love that.

What, no 12 hours of Sebring notes? What's next? Can we look forward to 24 hours of Le Mans notes? ;)


Second the great notes comments as well. But if you're going to keep up the F1 Notes postings you may want to change your beverage of the race to vintage champagne; this IS F1, beer may be looked down upon by the Hoi Poloi!


Tears in my eyes, Pressdog is back in F1.

The start of open wheel racing is pure euphoria.

Here's a hint. The SPEED coverage of Friday F1 practice is about the best show of the week. Buckets of team & tech info that leave you saying 'Holy S---' many times over.

gary p

Thrilled to see the dog is back with F1 comments; missed you last year. You got a good chuckle out of me with "Steve 'Sporting Regulation' Machette," but damn near killed me with Hamilton's "warm cup." I watched the tape again and you are absolutely spot on!

Russ Cole

Your F1 reports are one of the highlights of a GP weekend -- it's GREAT to see one again! Many thanks...

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