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April 03, 2012


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Maybe someone can do some digging, but I've seen some rumblings on Twitter that last year's OVERNIGHT was 0.22 and the final jumped to 0.34. What Jenna reported is the overnight as well, so there's some ambiguity on how Barber compared to last year. Not that 0.25 is any good...

Of course, this probably calls into question how INDYCAR calculated their ratings, since IIRC, they were always the ones that released the "final ratings" later in the week on their website.




I just cannot believe, in this day and age, that Indycar can't figure out and/or fund a marketing campaign to generate fan and sponsorship interest. They HAVE to get back on network TV! Or at least a more popular cable system

Incomprehensible. Indescribable. Dumbfounding. Suicidal.

Mike Miller

I want to see the finals. The overnight's are actually up from last year. I will also add Jenna Fryer is not friend of IndyCar.


Ouch. This is not good news.


Does anyone remember what the weather was like during last year's race? We had a rare gorgeous spring day here in the upper midwest-the kind where I had to tear myself away from outdoor work and crawl indoors to sit in front of the TV. I'm not sure many other people would have had the willpower I did.

Let's also hope that the quality of this year's race and broadcast help create the buzz necessary to avoid future posts like this.


This race conflicted with the Cup race, while the 2011 race did not (Cup ran on Texas Saturday night in 2011). I believe that's the only reason the ratings went down... St. Pete was the disappointment - I expected an increase there due to curiosity about the new cars.

I would expect a higher rating for Long Beach since this time it won't conflict with Cup (as that Texas race is on the Long Beach weekend this time)...


There's the answer. No need to be cutting our wrists just yet. I'd be curious to see the difference between ratings when there is and is not a conflict with NASCAR.

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