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April 16, 2012


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"Robin Miller says the Lotus is SEVEN miles per hour slower on the straights than Chevy & Honda. If the same power deficit carries over to Indy (the first oval), Loti will be lapped by Lap 5"

Lower boost levels (roughly 575 HP) at the ovals/Indy means that 7 MPH number will be like 3-4ish, maybe. That is, if it can make it to top speed before blowing up. Handling is going to be the key to the new car this year. Everybody will be SLOW.

"Race control gives Simona a drive through penalty for blocking. Insert Simona calling European teams to see if they have openings for 2013 here."

Entergy contract up after 2013 but tied to her, NOT the team. They'll most likely tell HVM/Keith Wiggins to shove it at years end and take her to (insert multi-car team name HERE). If I were Entergy I'm calling lawyers shortly before May. Foyt usually has a spare car for Bump Day...

"@SarahFisher Tweets: 'Politics. Love it.' I assume this refers to the no call on Newgarden's crash."

Dario has diplomatic immunity AND YOU WILL LIKE IT, SARAH. NO ONE DENIES THIS.


Barfield tweeted this morning that Simona's black flag was for a mechanical issue, not blocking ... NBCSN got a bad memo or something.


Re: Rahal/Andretti crash. Did the bumpers prove to be useless & ineffectual or did they do their job and prevent a worse accident?

(In the pot meet kettle department--Graham complains about Marco's last name?)

Nice job, Dog.


I thought it was the most enjoyable race of the year. It seems that the issue at St. Pete was more drivers taking it too easy than anything else, and clearly at Long Beach, no one was taking it easy.

I hated Dario wrecking Newgarden though. While Barfield claims there's no evidence of contact, Paganuad's in car camera was pretty clear. Not that it mattered, everyone's least favorite Scottish driver fell like a rock.

Power and Pagauand put on a good show at the end but it would be nice if we had a little less fuel mileage involved. 3 races and 3 wins by the same team is a little concerning. I don't want to see Dixon or Dario win but... dropping down to the Big One is not exactly what I want to see. However, I'm not super concerned because while Penske has all three wins, they all were pretty close and funnily enough, all three races had a Honda in second. If by the end of Texas Penske's won every race, then it's time to panic (maybe even the end of Indy)

Tom G.

Well, it may have only been viewed by the friends and family of the drivers, but I for one enjoyed the heck out of this race. Of course, watching Chippy du Hut have his best car finish 15th has something to do with that.

Given his results so far this year, I'm surprised at the lack of whining coming out of Princess Dario. Looking at his results vs. Dixon's in race 1 & 2, I don't think he can blame it on the car. I wonder how much longer before Ashley starts calling people out for his poor results.

Chris Lukens

Grounds Keeper Willie punts not one but TWO cars in the race and nothing is said by the powers that be. All is good. It’s rainbows, unicorns and sparkleponys in Gannasiville. Calvin in the Star quotes Pagenaud as saying "To me it looked like Dario drove him into the wall,"
I agree with Sarah, “ "Politics. Love it."

Brian McKay

May I say that our National Anthem isn't a funeral dirge nor a romantic ballad (GPStPete)?
May I admit that I do not know how Wilson faded from first to eleventh while Power charged from twelfth to first? I know that it wasn't just Wilson's 3 pit stops, as Pagenaud also stopped three times. Wilson and Pagenaud had same chassis, aero kit, engine, and tire maker, so... I can only guess tire choice and suspension setup...
BTW, I watched replay after replay, and Dario's car crabbed sideways under acceleration while Josef turned left, so a 'little touch' resulted. If Josef knows that it was an accidental touch as a result of two cars accelerating together, and he was smiling when interviewed, and he seemingly doesn't believe that he was rudely punted, why should we be up in arms?

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