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April 05, 2012


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Paul Dalbey

Really, really good stuff Bill. I don't always agree with you, but as you often say, the best option we have is to choose - either choose to follow or choose not to follow. I think you're spot on with this entire post... especially the part about the blogging. I think there always is an ego, and I think any blogger that tells you they DON'T look at page hits and Twitter followers is a completely liar. Sadly there are a lot of popcorn blogs out there that pop up, do their 3-post thing, and disappear. Those are the type of blogs that give a bad name to the entire group of us that really make a great effort to put in quality, long-term effort. You're right, we are definitely not Speed, or ESPN, or AP, or the Star, or NAME YOUR PUBLICATION, but those of us that have been around for quite some time (I will be at 3 years in a couple months) really do want to be taken seriously, and one of the great things about INDYCAR, whether talking about the League, the teams, or most of the drivers, is that they do take us seriously and give us respect when dealing with us. I'm not quitting my day job (in fact we've never taken any money on our site for advertising or anything else) for MFW. The fact is that I do it because I love it, ocassionaly people say nice things about it, and it gives me a chance to be more involved in the sport I love. Yes, walking the line between fan and media gets complications sometimes and those we cover don't understand how one person can be both (which is really annoying), but I think most of us that have any duration in this field have figured out how to do it without being complete homers. Those that don't generally end up lacking the respect they desire and usually end up getting out of the when the reward doesn't justify the effort.

Not sure how or why I just rambled on this long. My point was simply 'Very well done on this post!'

Excellent post!

And thank you for verbalizing why we blog for nothing. My friends just don't get why we do what we do. It makes it even more fun to follow this sport. I may complain about a lot of things, but IndyCar access is not one of them. Amy K. and Arni S. actually DO treat us like we work for AP or USA Today. And special thanks to the way you're treated new bloggers over the years (including myself).

Now excuse me while I crawl back into my Mom's basement.


P-dog, I'm pretty sure the first time you tweeted me, I RT'd it, along with the obligatory "OMG! My day is made!" of course. You too, George.

Monica Hilton

Well done, p-dog. Also read your post the other day on making the fans a priority. It echoed my sentiments and made me say, "Mmmmm hmmmmm." Nice work.


Wait a tahr-changin' minute.

What's this "I have a life" BS now? Talk about harshing our fandom... "you want us on that follower list, you NEED us on that follower list..." <---(I joke there)

Dude, most of us get it, some don't. Don't fret because the most important people in your world are probably the people you interact with least on the 'net.

I read and follow and interact because I like what you do. I get the sense that your blog and twitter and FB are all genuinely some sort of extension of who you are, and there are many of us who enjoy the whole PDog experience.

If, at some point I no longer want to follow, read, comment, interact, etc. with you I won't. I expect you to do the same w me.

I fully give you permission to give not one f#ck if and when that happens.

Keep up the good work, your Dogness.



***applause** couldn't have said it any better

Julie P

Very nice post! I liked your comments on the bloggers. I try to give most a chance but have found that many all too often resort to rude comments and name calling to try to build their fan base. I quickly lose interest and stop following them. There is one particular site that has never referred to Dario by his actual name. The few sites I follow regularly (Pressdog, MFW, Pop-off Valve), provide a pretty objective look at Indycar without being overly critical or all sunshine and rainbows. I think it helps that you are a fan of Indycar...not just one particular driver. Sure you have your favorites but you do not let it interfere with writing an objective post...and that is why I will continue to follow.

Mike from Ames

I raise my glass to you Mr. Pressdog. Please keep doing your thing.


Read the entire thing in 1 sitting :-p

It scares me how much I tend to agree with you. *shrugs*

Good read - enjoyed the "chore" statement which is always a friendly reminder to keep doing what you love/want to do because you want to, not because you feel obligated to.


mike (15daysinmay)

I think George nails it, the reason I like blogging is that it keeps me more engaged with the sport. Since I started mine 16 months ago I find myself paying much more attention to IndyCar, and that along with a chance to do some less-structured writing than I do with my freelancing job is what makes it fun. What also helps, via my blog and Twitter, is that I have connected with a lot of fellow fans, and given that I don't have IndyCar fans for friends (although I'm working on that!) I enjoy the interaction, especially during the races.

steve shain

Mr. Dog.... I do have a choice! and i'm sticking with it. Carry on.


Blogs are places for opinions, and opinions are like bootyholes.

Seriously, does anyone just clown on indycar anymore for the sake of a good laugh. Everyone whines about product or complains about complaints. Hell, I was once guilty of complaining about the complaints about the complaints. The internet kind of sucks.

Really, I just want to see a blogger (or livetwitterer) that convinces the biscuits and gravy vendor to throw some gravy on a tenderloin and then documents the carnage that follows.

When i had a blog, I was like the Connie Chung of IndyCar...around for a few years and married to Maury Povich. pressdog, you are the father.

<3 will


Good work PDog ..... You da DOG !!! Now, Drink ye BASTARD !!!


Love the pdog blog....
Twatter.. Not so much.
It's a sad indication that vanity is more imortant than content.
The best tweets are those that contain personal observations that put you in touch with the someones soul.

Like Ms.SparklePony.


All I can say is keep on keepin' on, coverin' the sport you love and its fast women racers. "It has been fun to learn about these women and watch them race/perform," and I, as you, include Shea because she exudes excellence & I'm a sports-car-racing fan.
If you never harp on tv ratings or behind-the-scenes business aspects of the sport, that's okay with me. Let's focus on the show and the fans' satisfaction with same...

Calvin Reynolds

Excellent work Bill. One of the best things about Twitter was discovering your blog.

Tammy Kaehler

Good on you, keep it up, and screw what people say. I like reading opinions that are both like and not like mine, because I learn things, so thank you for that.




Sorry I'm a little late to the party, but it just goes to show that when other obligations outweigh the P-Dog, the P-Dog still makes the list!

I don't know how I ever stumbled across this blog, but it's some of the funniest and wittiest comment I've ever read out there. Of course much of it stems from knowing the ins and outs and other intracacies of the sport. It's always more fun when you get the punchline.

Anyway, I'm a lifer now, so I hope you're in it for the longhaul too, Bill! You make even the most mundane race enjoyable and I never tire of your witty banter. Thanks for your honest and unbiased outlook on the sport we all love (and sometimes love to hate).

You're my buffet...I keep coming back for more!

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