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May 02, 2012


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A positive step, to be sure, but with this:

"...versions of each 2012 IZOD IndyCar Series race will be posted on YouTube for fans in the U.S. to view within 36 hours after the telecast."

I'd like to see the videos made available to my international friends, who could REALLY use the service.

Michel S.

Even more amazingly, the Sao Paulo race they just uploaded is actually watchable from outside the US as well (tried it from Indonesia). No US-only IP restrictions that US broadcasters normally impose

Titus Pullo

Let's hope they put out all kinds of IndyCar, CART, IRL, USAC, AAA whatever races they have footage for. A fan friendly league..what a concept!


WOW, it does work internationally!!

Thanks Nestle!!

Hopefully I can watch Milwaukee, Iowa & Toronto from Russia.....maybe....I hope...!

Yeehawww ........thanks Indycar!!!!!!!!!!!

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