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May 28, 2012


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No one enjoys Valencia. It makes the most boring race in Monaco seem like the best race ever.


Say, did you know that Monaco was a stopping off point for Julius Caesar on his campaign to Rome?



... well you *said* "discuss"!



Monaco is where the teams wine, dine & shmooze their sponsors. The people who ante up hundreds of millions of bucks get to mingle with royalty & other super wealthy and famous people. (now THAT is ROI to an executive)

It may be a boring race but it's also a very fundamental part of what makes F1 keep on ticking.


sounds like a "beautiful" venue.

gary p

I recognized long ago that Monaco was a parade route more than a race track. But I watch anyway, if for no other reason to not miss the gratuitous shots of babes in bikinis with F1 cars driving by.

Titus Pullo

Monaco is the most challenging course in the world for a race driver. If you can't appreciate the skills of the best drivers in the world in mastering it, well...., I am glad I can

Leigh O'Gorman

@Titus Pullo

Monaco is special, but I'm afraid Le Mans and the Nordschleife surpass Monaco for toughness by several country miles.

Sadly, the great irony is the one element that made the first five races thrilling killed the Monaco race.
The circuit is so light on tyres, everyone played it at 90% to make the supersoft and soft tyres last.
As such, no one really pushed close to the limit... at all.

Savage Henry

I've always considered Monaco to be more of an exhibition than a race. The course is too short and too narrow for modern race cars. But it is glamorous and beautiful and works well for the F1 brand. They have to keep it on the schedule because of the tradition and everything.

There is absolutely no need to keep Valencia on the schedule, however.

Filip Cleeren

Monaco is GORGEOUS.

Leigh O'Gorman

@Savage Henry,
Valencia will disturb F1 fans rather less following this year's event.

Pat W

I expect this year's Monaco GP to be good fun with the new tyres, or if not that then a nice sprinkling of rain.
As it was the rain held off until after the flag and everyone in the field backed off to save the tyres. Boring. I didn't notice just how much they slowed until Perez down in 17th bolted on fresh rubber and lapped 1.5 seconds or more faster than the leaders - the leaders should've been doing that!

Sometimes I don't even mind a processional race (but only at Monaco), yet this one just didn't do it for me at all.

Monaco has always been difficult to pass at because the cars have always been too fast, right back to the beginning. If anything the current layout is the most conducive and open there has ever been, though I do think the chicane needs more work. The main problem were the tyres.

Pat W

I'd better get the tense right. :)

My advice: Watch Canada. Avoid Valencia or only watch it via Twitter, jump in if by some miracle it is any good. Probably avoid Hungary as well. Germany should be alright, Britain.. maybe.

Leigh O'Gorman

I think Hungary will be OK - there are a couple of passing places, but it should also be hot enough to turn the tyres to jelly.


Oh I appreciate the skill, Titus. Just as I appreciate the extreme skill needed to preform brain surgery ... that doesn't mean I want to watch it on TV.


There is no contesting for the lead or any other on track passing at Monaco. Just not possible.

The only drama is qualifying to see who is on pole, and waiting to see who will screw the pooch and end up in a barrier during the race. The skill and nerve it takes to run that many laps, that close to the walls is stunning. Even if it's "only" 90% of the cars capabilities.

Having said all that I think 'dog got more out of his naps then I did watching the race.

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