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May 13, 2012


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Pat W

A good race, I never thought I'd say that about Barcelona. Thanks Pirelli. I may be biased as a life-long Williams fan. :) Never would I have put money on Pastor Maldonado being the one to break the team's 8 year barren stretch.

There will be passing at Monaco too. With the bumps after the tunnel removed, you can bet on it. Just hoping the marbles won't work against it.


Once Alonso seized the lead on turn one lap one, I thought the race was done. Maldonalado showed his GP2 championship experience and kept the Ferrari in his sights without making any mistakes.

What truly surprised me is that ALL the cars started on the soft option tire. Usually some cars in the back of the field would try a start on the harder compound hoping to leverage position gains on the longer lasting rubber when the leaders had to pit early.

Nice summary 'Dog.


A local yellow means that there are race marshals (volunteers with real lives & families) out ON the track trying to deal with some situation. Racing full speed through and past these people shows a complete disregard for their lives and safety. Good thing I wasn't a race steward, I'd have penalized those prima-donna bazillionaires to Pluto.

Also, if you ever had to listen to the BBC broadcast of the race you'd miss Steve more than you could ever imagine.

Ahhhh.... feelin' better already....

Leigh O'Gorman

Just thoughts for the mechanics hurt in the massive post-race fire in the Williams garage.
That was unbelievably scary.


@Pat W regarding marbles: I have NEVER seen (or more accurately, seemed to notice) as many marbles on track as this race.

Maybe the Pirelli compound choices are creating more interesting results, but they are also limiting passing lanes due to the huge amounts of clag they seem to throw off. Difficult to take an outside passing line when it is littered with shit.

Per your comment I have to believe it will be even more problematic at Monaco with narrow lanes and Armco all about.


Here's a question: How big would Lewis Hamilton's championship lead be right now if his team/pit crew didn't keep screwing him every race?

(And why can't I get Chrome to post a comment here?)

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