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May 27, 2012


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I noticed something when I watched the replay of the race. On lap 36, Bobby Rahal come on Sato's radio and cautioned him on making any more risky passes. He told him to do more thinking before he made a pass. Apprently it is something they have been working on this season...smarter passing.

IMO...Dario did nothing wrong on the last lap. I do not think he squeezed or chopped Sato. I think Sato made an ill-timed pass and got bit. If he has been a little more patient and waited for the last turn he probably would have made it to Victory Lane.


Dario didn't chop Sato just like he didn't drive Newgarden very wide in turn 1 at Long Beach.

Tom G.

Looked like a chop when I saw it from the stands, looks like a chop on the replay.

Any lap but the last one, and Dario lets him pass. No way that wasn't intentional. Just part of the reason the crowd at IMS booed him. What a shame, it was a n aqesome race


It was by far the best Indy 500 on track in years but I can't lie, it was a bit marred by yet another Red Car win. So far in the "greatest Indycar season ever" we've had every single race won by a Penske and Ganassi... So much for parity. I realized after watching this race I can't really get excited about seeing anyone (except Rahal/Kimball on the second Ganassi) who drivers for one of the Death Star teams winning anymore. Something about 2 teams with a nearly 90% winning percentage since 2009 has burned me out on them.

Also it was really disappointing to see both Hinchcliffe and Newgarden fail to contend for the win in the end. I was really looking forward to seeing that, or at least Marco or Graham or Hunter Reay or Carpenter. But the car handled the race well so maybe there's hope for a good race at Milwaukee and Iowa and Texas. Just as long as it's not another Red Car Win.


It was a great Indy 500. Fast, entertaining, nail-biting right up to the end. Cars were great. Drivers were great. Crowd was great.


I am tired of people complaining because Penske or Ganassi always wins. They win because they work hard and are well prepared. Yes...they have a lot of financial resources but they also have very good drivers and crew who work really hard.

The Ganassi cars were on track any chance they got during qualy weekend and spent most of Carb day working on strategy and the race setup. Both Target cars did over 500 total practice laps during Indy...which is the most of all the teams.

If two teams dominate and win every race...I could care less. I want to see good racing and so far this season that has been the case.


Welcome to the NEW ABC.

Good job boys and girls. Good job.

Well balanced, unbiased, through the field coverage without all the crap and excessive commercials. Well done.

....and then there was Ashley.....


Dario/Taku - I agree with Mr Dog. It was a deliberate and calculated squeeze to give Sato as much room as he could fit into and no more. It's the last lap of the Indy 500 - everyone does everything they can to win. To use some Aussie lingo, they were racing for sheep stations.


Sato was going to spin (or drift way high) regardless of what Dario did, it was way too late to make that pass in 1. Dario's "defensive" line kept him from getting collected by Sato, though I'm sure that's not the reason Dario chose it. Sato was in the catbird's seat to make the pass going into 3, but his reckless and impatient reputation just got unfortunately reinforced.

Great racing action, very entertaining, but an unsatisfying finish. It would have been a thrilling final lap under green, whoever won.

Pat W

What a great race, I loved every part of it, even the drama at the end. What a shame though! If only he'd waited until turn 3 or 4.
All hail the new cars and engines! I know they had to button it down at the end but unlike the same situation in the F1 race, it added intrigue to it.

Not sure if Dario intended to spin out Sato, maybe he just wanted to squeeze him to make it tricky and got it a bit wrong. Can happen at 220+.

keith r

With the tow and speed sato had going into turn 1, he had no choice but to attempt to make a move when he did. Carrying the speed he had, if he would of lifted the slightest bit he would of been unable to gain the momentum to make another pass. He had to do what he did, it was his only choice and chance to win. Mad props to sato! It was risky! Just imagine if they would of touched and Dario spun! And sato wins. The best 500 would of become the greatest 500!


Wow, what a race. Great notes, as always, pressdog.

I agree with what Julie said above (scroll up).

Got to see some awesome stuff from Stand E in turn one including "the pass" on lap 199. I'd thought that might happen (I even thought the two Target cars might touch on the last lap). It was very hairy in turn one all day!

I had a great look up very close to the Sato/Dario contact and would have to say it was a racing incident, IMO.

Sato slipped in behind Dario to pass Dixon on lap 198 and caused Dixon to either lift or have contact in the exact same spot. Dixon lifted and let him by. A VERY gutsy move by Sato.

One lap later and he tries it again, only Dario doesn't lift and they have contact. Could've been Dario in the wall just as easily as it was Sato. I don't buy that Dario would have calculated and KNOWN the outcome.

Just damn good racing! I mean it is the Indy 500 and this is what we expect (want). Would anyone reading this have preferred to see Ed or Tony back off at the end. Why would Dario or Sato?

This was the first time in my many years at the track that I've heard a booing like what Dario got as he climbs out of his car. One guy next to me says "everybody hates Dario because he's greedy".

I said, "Of course he is, and so is Sato. They all are. They have to be to win here".

I would've loved to have seen Ed win, or Tony, or Marco, or, Hinch, or Joseph, or Sato. In the end, I believe the best driver won and didn't deserve the disrespect (loud booing) simply because he's so successful.

What a race!


Great finish, Sato did what he had to do as did Dario. Bobby Rahal backed his driver, gave him the props he deserved for the attempt regardless of how it turned out. Better to have tried and lost then not to have tried at all.


I'm not a Dario or Ganassi fan, but I do not think he squeezed him at all--I think it was simply great racing. I mean after all, it is the last lap, I wouldn't expect anybody to give much ground if you have a chance at the win. Compared to the flagrant move by Emmo Fittipaldi in 1989 on little Al, this was nothing. I do think Sato would have had a better chance if he'd slip-streamed Dario on the backstretch and caught him before entering turn 3, but hey, he saw his chance and went for it--cannot blame him for that.

I thought ABC did a great job--and I rarely ever give credit to ABC!

I also thought the last two yellows were way too long--what was with that? It really cost us some even more exciting racing, because it essentially limited anyone from P4 or P5 on back from having time to make a run.

All in all though--a very entertaining 500. Hope the ratings were strong enough to build on for the future!


a lot of people don't like Dario because he is a whiner and arrogant.

as for the long yellow near the end, that was to make sure it wasn't a conserve fuel/runout of fuel finish. Manipulation? Yes, but it sure made for one helluva finish.

awesome race though- I was in top row SW Vista!! (shade and breezy)


KeithR nailed it re: Sato's momentum.

He either had to make the pass then or settle for second.

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