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June 19, 2012


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car garage

Nice post indeed!


I like the idea of heat races but I think they're about 10 laps too long. And it seems to me the top finishers in the first 2 races should race for the pole in the last race--but that's not they way they set it up is it? Also 9 o'clock seems a bit late to start a race to me.

But looking forward to Iowa--always a good race and very well supported.


IndyCar is accommodating NBC Sports Olympics Trials coverage this weekend with the late start time. NBC pays slightly more to cover the Olympics (and associated events) than to cover IndyCar. This likely won't be the last time IndyCar has to tiptoe around the Olympic schedule this summer.

My cable box's on screen guide hasn't picked up the adjusted TV schedule yet, so anyone out there depending on their DVR working, double check!

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