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June 24, 2012


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Mike R

Seems like Kat got exactly what she needed in terms of tutoring when Dixon lapped her. Her laptimes fell considerably. It was while she was running between Dixon and Andretti that she ran the 180.5. Was it a tow? Maybe.
Bottom line, she still continues to impress. Back in '06-07 in ChampCar, she occasionally showed that she was for real. Here now, (finally) she's doing it again. If she can get some consistent seat time, it can only get better. Now if only the Lotus engine updates would give Simona something to work with...

Dustin Dearman

The oval product has been great this year. Very racy, slip-slidin', white-knucklin' mayhem. Are you listening Phoenix, Richmond, et al? Guess we have to settle for the twisties for a bit. Fontana ought to be a monster. Kudos P-Dog.

Ron Ford

Things are beginning to get verrrrrrrrrry interesting! Some of the other teams could also be pushing the P & G boys if it were not for dumb strategy and/or pit moves. New cars, new enginges, same dumb moves.

Newgarden certainly show lots of talent. Perhaps he should let the races come to him a bit more.

Another enjoyable Iowa race, but perhaps next year it could be scheduled earlier than Japan time.

I hope I can be forgiven in these quarters for running up to Road America yesterday. (45 minutes vs 5 hours or more to Iowa). There was lots of talk amongst the fans (Nationwide) about the possibility of IndyCar returning there. I suppose by morning we will know if that will happen. Festival of finger crossing here.


I thought the race at Iowa was pretty disappointing. Definitely DID NOT need to remove some downforce. It was a lot more like the 08/09 Iowa race (mass attrition and random failures/disasters) than the last two Iowa races. While there was passing through the field the leader checked out most of the time, pretty much just like Texas.


"Katherine spotter: lot of cars on lead lap behind us. Might make sense to roll through the pits on the restart. What are your thoughts. Katherine: "No ... My thoughts are No."

...I love her.

Overall I liked the race. All the ovals have been good this year. Proper racing, if you ask me. I confess, however, that I recorded Iowa and watched it Sunday morning. Rain delays make me tired...

Jeremy from Harrisburg

Thanks for the team radio reporting. I would be nice if someone in IndyCar would compile the best radio bits from the races and release them as a podcast.


I was really looking forward to Iowa as a rekindling of my interests in oval racing until: 1.5 hr. rain delay (Mr. Jenkins announced it as 40 minutes!); Rusty Wallace interview; Dario blowing up in the warm up lap; too many yellows.

Can't control weather. But the racing seemed to lack the intensity of prior ovals. What intensity there was seemed contrived.

Sorry kids, don't intend to be a downer her, but it's how it all came across to me.

Chris Lukens

Did Grounds Keeper Willie’s engine let go before the green flag or after? I did not have T&S up so I don’t know. Some people tweeted that the race started under yellow so they could get the stalled car into the pits.
The reason this matters is that Franchitti will have a ten spot penalty at Toronto if it was before, if after there is no penalty.

Ron Ford

Trackside just reported that IndyCar will go with only 15 races this year. Major Bummer! I was really looking forward to a race at Road America in August.

Tom G.

The racing this past month has been so good, (with the exception of Belle Isle), I will be sad to see it go. With today's announcement about the series sticking with 15 races, we will only have 5 races between now and labor day. I know, they can't race every weekend, but as a fan of this sport, it kills me when we hit stretches like this. I'm loving "the product" right now, I just want MORE of it.

Mid-summer is a wide open market for TV sports. The NBA, and NHL are done, the NFL is yet to get going. The only competition besides NASCAR & MLB are golf, tennis, bicycle racing, and soccer. No big ratings gorilla's to battle with for the casual viewer. Seems like a great opportunity to exploit. If they can get the series back up to 18 races again, starting in March, and finishing on Labor Day weekend, they'd have a better chance to build a wider audience.

I think if they can tighten the schedule, they can improve the ratings.


@Chris saw something in my twitter timeline that Dario got full points for a last place finish instead of the half points Simona and Barrichello got at Texas, so presuming that means Dario won't get a penalty.

Tony Dinelli

What a great facility although outside of the fan village there weren't a lot of booths. Beautiful state driving up from the south and our Des Moines dowtnown stay was fantastic. Even ran in to Tags on Friday as he was leaving for the track.
All in all it was a great first time Iowa experience(minus the rain) and we will be back for another.

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