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July 08, 2012


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Joe Newgarden's rookie impatience screwed his team. Dude could've had a podium for sure, or challenged for more if he'd just stayed cool. Pisses me off cause I like Joe and Sarah. Joe did his team no favors, his fault or not. Maybe a sponsor would've taken notice with a top three. Cool your jets, Joe.

Good race. Not sure about GWC--no one wants to see a race end behind the pace car, but GWC is weird too--so don't know.

Ron Ford

Newgarden continues to be his own worst enemy. A bit more patience and he (and Sarah) would have had a podium. Hell, even a fourth would have been reason for joy in the SFH camp.

GWC? Just more wrecks. No gimmicks required or desired IMHO.


Newgarden was pretty contrite in the team PR news release: “Unfortunately at the end, I attempted a pass on Pagenaud that l don’t think I should have tried,” Newgarden said. “I went into the tires and that was the end of our fantastic run today.”


Newgarden made the move he needed to make at the time he had to make it. There was nothing rookie about that move but there was something BS about Pagenaud's "defending". Newgarden has had some bone head moments but this one and turn one at Long Beach were not among them.

Simona Fan

Let's not muddy the waters. Pagenaud's move on Newgarden was blocking, not defending. It was obvious to the booth, to the viewers and called such by race control. Blocking versus defending is not complicated, but constantly putting "defending" in quotes when talking about blocking, makes it seem more complicated that it is.

Great race, though bad form by Ryan to cast aside the American Flag to instead hold up some beverage. I couldn't see what it was, but it wasn't a sun drop. Might have been a Dr. Pepper but it was in a weird bottle. Not sure it sold any more beverages, but it certainly irritated a lot of post July 4th Americans. If you're going to carry the American flag with you all race, you'd better not chuck it out of the car when you get to victory lane. Given the chance to play that moment again, I'm sure Ryan would have done that differently.


I think the PR guy chose to hand that flag to RHR at an inopportune time. He was trying to get out of the car, undo his ear plugs and was being handed a bunch of stuff. They should have waited to hand him the flag until he was on the podium. I don't think he was even looking at what was being handed to him.

In other words, relax. RHR was not slighting the flag. Mountains and mole hills.


Agree with Sean. My viewing of it was people were handing RHR about 19 things, hats, Dr. Pepper can, flag, etc. and it was too much to handle while he's trying to get out of the car, on cue etc. Looked like he set the flag on the car and it fell off. Definitely not a slight. Lesson here is belay the flag stuff until he's out of the car and can handle it according to the extreme scrutiny you know bringing a flag out creates.


If Simon doesn't block, Josef completes the pass as cleanly as anyone can do at Toronto. Can't fault Newgarden for making that move.


Sounds like it was a very entertaining race that I was not able to see because I spent three hours (including from green flag to checkered) visiting every pet and aquarium store in town looking for three goldfish that resemble the three goldfish belonging to the neighbor kids that we were goldfish-sitting, all three of which sadly passed on to the great fish bowl in the sky within five hours of us taking possession of them, and though I checked the DVR (the provider of which I shall not name because it would no doubt be accompanied by a festival of F-bombs, but it's definitely NOT Charter) THREE TIMES to make sure it was set up to record the race, and it was, it nonetheless did not record the race. And I'm pretty sure ABC doesn't replay Indycar races. So long story short, thanks for the thorough recap, P-dog. I needed it.


Newgarden has made way too many "rookie mistakes" this year even for a rookie. Yes, Pagenaud blocked him (a very mild block by F1 and sportscar standards, BTW), and maybe Pagenaud would have been penalized for it with a drive-through since IndyCar drivers and officials seem to be such cry babies about blocking. If so, that would have given Newgarden the spot. Yet, Newgarden persisted in the pass even though it meant taking an impossibly shallow entrance into the right hander, way off the proper apex of that turn. So, not surprisingly, he understeered straight into the tire barrier on the outside of the turn. That wasn't even a rookie mistake, that was a rank beginner mistake. What should he have done? Hit the brakes hard, tuck in behing Pagenaud, tippy-toe around the corner given his lousy line, then size Pagenaud up for a lap and definitively inhale his ass making a clean pass elsewhere. In other words, survive to pass on another lap. This is not something you learn as a IndyCar rookie, this is what you should have learned as a 12-year-old racing go-karts. The kid has talent, but how many lost opportunities and damaged cars does SFHR have to suffer before he grows up? The reality is that talented drivers are a dime a dozen in today's market. Get someone else in that seat for next year, someone with experience. SFHR should cut their loses with Newgarden.

The Speedgeek

Mr. Man,
Was that a parody comment? "Hit the brakes hard"? While over on the marbles? With two cars bearing down fast behind? Who's to say that that doesn't result in him going nose first into the tires or tangled with another car, anyway (not that the actual result was a damaged car, because it wasn't; he did finish the race without pitting, just a lap down).

I'd put the blame for Simon/Josef on Simon (about 80%, because that WAS a block, and I slo-moed the incident on the TiVo about 5 times to confirm that Josef moved before Simon did...which is the definition of a block, regardless of whether Simon was looking in his mirrors at the time or not) and on Josef's team (about 20%, for not telling him that Simon wasn't going to make it on fuel and was going to have to stop; Josef was going to get the spot one way or the other anyway). Josef couldn't have known the fuel thing on his own, so he's going to do what any self-respecting race car driver does: try to pass a slower car. Good on him. The fact that he's repeatedly qualifying in the top-12 and running up in the top-5 every so often, as a raw, 21 year old rookie, and for arguably the smallest team on the grid, that tells me that he is a future superduperstar. This is LeBron James playing for a putrid 2005 Cleveland Cavs team here, people (though apologies to Sarah Fisher and her crew; they are most definitely not the Cleveland Cavs of IndyCar, I'm exaggerating a bit to put this into stick and ball perspective; really, they're more like the Utah Jazz or something, a small market team overdelivering with limited resources).

Good race, no arguments about any of the race control calls. ABC's still not any good (again, for the millionth time, cutting away from cars merging out of the pits into traffic to watch cars on the other side of the track running by themselves...not that anybody pointed this out to them THREE WHOLE YEARS AGO or anything...), but no complaints otherwise. We've got a pretty compelling season on our hands here.


Nope, no parody, Geek. Obviously you judge brake pedal pressure against the track surface under your car. As you know, marbles accumulate far more on the outside of the racing line than on the inside. There were not many marbles where Newgarden was on the inside of the racing line of that turn. He could have braked sufficiently hard to have tucked in behind Pageneaud. The drivers behind him would have seen what was happening, that he had been pinched off and was bailing out of a pass attempt, and, hopefully, would have taken whatever measures they needed to avoid contact. Important point about Pagenaud running low on fuel, though. I was not aware of that. There was plenty of time to have let Newgarden know about that. My concern with Newgarden is lack of judgement. That may come with experience, or not. Case in point, Viso. But, who knows, maybe Newgarden will find his Miami Heat someday.


So, Jack, were you able to find the three new goldfish that looked just like the old goldfish? Or was the entire day a washout from start to finish?

Mike R

Somehow Jack's dilemma reminds me of "Meet the Parents".

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