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July 07, 2012


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Jack Arute

Your points are all good! The one that I grapple with all the time is the fact that like kids who want that sugar laced pseudo juice, NASCAR fans drink it up while IndyCar muddles through in relative obscurity with ral juice (maybe a bit tart but much better healthwise? )
I am not advcating that IndyCar adopt the NASCAR formula. IndyCar does NOT need competition yellows or some of the other goofy twists but if we hope to attract new fans, don't you think more things like the Iowa heat races, double file restarts, etc need to be adopted by ndyCar?


You've hit on the challenge for all of racing, Jack. Some juice in its pure form is so tart nobody will consume it. But it's possible to have a blend that is 100% real juice AND very delicious. That's what IndyCar needs to continue to strive for with the things you mention. I also think it could offer itself as an alternative to the NASCAR plate track product ... if only it raced on more ovals before midnight Eastern.

Ron Ford

Color me in agreement with everything you've said here and then some. However, I think an increasing number of NASCAR fans are disenchanted with what has evolved into tag-team racing. (and yes, Johanna Long deserved better as did Danica). The tandem racing(?) is just bizarre, dumb,beyond dumb.

I watch the Nationwide races to see how former USAC stars like Brad Sweet are doing. I usually watch on the internet view from Danica's onboard camera. However, unlike the Road America race, I eventually shut it off in disgust. Then I took a shower.

I was with a carpenter crew once when a new hire came to work on his first day with a boombox and proceeded to play rap music. After a few minutes of this the foreman grabbed his nail gun, walked over to the boombox and shot it right through the CD player. No more rap music, no apology given, no explanation required. Whenever I try to watch restrictor plate racing, before very long I'm wishing I still had my nail gun. But, even in those dark moments, I try to remember that it's still better than golf. No offense linksters.


In my opinion, NASCAR hasn't been racing in a very, very long time. So I quit watching. If they ever get back to really racing, I'll think about watching again.


"Once upon a time racing was about who had the fastest car, not who kissed ass appropriately or managed to have the random luck to avoid all the flying cars. Not so at Daytona. More's the pity."

Like Indy Car is any different. 33 of the same dogs chasing the same tail. Where I come from that is "the pot calling the kettle black". Only difference is one has open wheels and the other dosen't.


And imagine the IRL's purpose was to be open wheel's version of NASCAR, How'd that work out?

Jeremy from Harrisburg

I tried to watch Nascar last night: If they weren't wrecking there was no action, and no racing at all. I fell asleep.


Dukez of Hazard jumps? You Americans have those already, it's called rallycross. Check this unlucky driver at the X Games 2012 qualifying. ( Next round is at New Hampshire next weekend.


To be fair, the talk of remodelling Bristol came about because fans have repeatedly expressed their unhappiness with the way the last remodel changed the racing.

Bruton's listening now that he's seeing empty seats there in Tennessee.


Lots of empty seats in the stands, not like the good 'ole days, for sure. Mebbe if they kicked up the racing content to 7.5% for effect???

Loved the post title Dog, impressive as usual.

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