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July 16, 2012


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Good work, Pdog! One thing I noticed in my brief observation of Sebastien while I was at Indy is that he's a really quiet guy who doesn't seek people out but if people come to him he is more than happy to talk and be social. At the qualifying draw on Friday night he spent several minutes talking to some fans and came across as very cordial. He certainly doesn't have a lot of filters on when he is pissed off and gets out of the car, which is what turns some people against him, but in that vein I don't see him all that different from most of the other drivers. As I get older I find myself appreciating drivers who have a more cerebral approach, so I've enjoyed watching him this season.


I'll never forget meeting Seb at Road America 2008. I had my 1/18 scale McDonald's Champ Car model for him to sign. As he walked into his paddock area, a rep for the team asked him to come over and sign my car. Seb took the car, signed it, and then... attempted to put it back in the box for me! I was a Bourdais fan before that, and a lifelong one after.


My first impression of Seb was from reading an article about his first test at Newman-Haas. I remember reading how he showed up early and help the crew set up tents, etc. I thought that was very professional and humble and "teamlike"...a great first impression. He has since said some things that made me cringe, but I'm still a fan and wish him continued success. (..or is that renewed success?!?)

Eric Karashinski

Kinda funny. Was a big ChampCar fan and one of the races at RA I happened to be in the men's room just before a race, turned around from the urinal, and Bourdais is next in line behind me. This is like 5 mins before drivers to cars. Everyone used to claim he was anti-social, but what kind of anti-social driver would be using a public restroom with fans right before a race? Kinda cool. Four time ChampCar champ, and one of the guys as well. I alwaysd pull for the guy.

Jade Sing

Congratulations, everyone! It's good to read news like this. Being able to be updated through this blog is a good thing for me and to other car enthusiasts out there. Racing is definitely fun!

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