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July 06, 2012


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I've always appreciated your thoughts on the 3 camps of Indycar blogosphere/uberfandom, of which I agree exist. There is one huge group of people for whom these categories don't exist. I am speaking (for reference only) about the other 99.85% of the roughly 349M populous of the US and Canada which may or may not pay any attention at all to Indycar.

As you say, they CAN be affected by the waves we fans make for better or worse. @Tiffany2978 wrote an interesting bit about this very thing over at here:
(sorry for the outlink dog, but it is worth a read for the experience of a NEWER Indycar fan).

Annnywayyyy, I can't imagine the fubar of of the TO streeter last year carrying over to this year, but you never know with this sport. Mayhem and blanket opinion are only the next corner away...

At any rate I'm glad to have had an Indycar break for 2 weeks and am ready for some more hot city street action! Bring on the Honda clown.. err Safety Car!!

Ron Ford

I would have chosen "averse", but hey, I'm no Jane Austen.

By day's end tomorrow Dallara's inventory of expensive parts could see a substantial reduction followed by the car owners's calling Dale at American Restoration.

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