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September 21, 2012


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Ron Ford

Parabolica?! I am impressed! Anyway, nice interview Bill. I think you have a manner of interviewing that puts the subject at ease, particularly women drivers. What would be a good word for that? Oh, I know........professional.

You have expanded my racing horizons as I had never heard of Alice Powell. (OMG, she plays hockey! What's not to like?) Speaking as someone with a daughter I am proud of, I appreciate your efforts to bring some publicity to these up and coming drivers lady drivers.


"OMG, she plays hockey! What's not to like?"

You may or may not realize this, but she is almost certainly referring to field hockey (popular in England), not ice hockey (popular in the US).

Ron Ford

Thanks Chris. I am sure you are right. Probably just wishful thinking from this old pond hockey guy. Perhaps field hockey is like rugby with a stick. I'll have to check it out.


Trying to become an F1 driver--Lofty goals. There are several woman winning in lessor small racing series these days but not to burst your bubble, but to achieve results at the highest level hasnt been the female drivers strengths through-out history for those who have gotten a shot, as almost all fall way short of real success in top tier series. It really is a "mans" world in auto racing, at the highest levels anyway, but guess we'll see in time? Her biggest challenge will be becoming marketable to attract millions of dollars in sponsors, but being a female in F1 should work in her favor for a storyline for sponsors to start with anyway? Course---wasnt there already a female in F1 who had a terrible freak crash recently and severe injurys--whats happenned with her?


Unless the young lady can generate millions in personal sponsorship it's unlikely any teams in F1 will give her a shot.

The good teams will only take proven winners, the mid pack teams are hounded by way more drivers then seats available, and lower teams are all about how much money the drivers can bring.

Pastor Maldonado brings $40 million dollars annually from the Venezualan national oil company and Hugo Chavez.

Sad, but it's the reality she is running up against. I wish her well in her efforts.


....Maldonado drives for the Williams F1 team.


There are still a few drivers in and around F1 that aren't bringing wads of cash. Few and far between, admittedly. Lewis Hamilton found an alternate route, Nico Hulkenberg isn't awash with money, Mark Webber did it all the long way, Pedro de la Rosa did it the very long and multiple ways (he's been in & out of F1 a few times - though I doubt Alice will want to wait until she's Pedro's age). A few smaller sponsors willing to stick it out can be all you need if you are able to open the right doors at the right time, then shoving your foot in there and not removing it (a bit like how Maldonado drives, really).

Very good luck to Alice, I shall keep an eye out for her progress (here and elsewhere).

Pat W

I read this a while ago and forgot to comment. Alice is a good choice for the next WOPD. She got noticed in the UK racing world when she won the Ginetta Juniors and then the Renault BARC series and people are keeping an eye on her to see how she does.

Trivia: one of her teammates in FR was Josh 'son of Damon' Hill and at the 2011 Silverstone WSR meeting I attended, their team's awning in the (open to the public) paddock was the busiest of all - and both drivers were getting equal attention. Sadly she got stuck down the field in that afternoon's race, but she beat Josh. Apparently Pippa Mann visited that day not that I saw her.

She won the Formula Renault 2.0 BARC series which used to be the rung directly below the official Renault-support FRenault 2.0 UK, you'd end up in BARC if you'd done Formula Ford but couldn't raise a budget for Renault UK and hope if you won it you'd pick up some funding for FRUK next year. She won it, got the backing and had mixed results in 2011. Frustratingly she couldn't use the experience to rebound in 2012 as the FRUK series was mothballed by Renault and is now cancelled for good. She had to jump in the deep end in GP3. Sometimes that's good and sometimes that's not.

Now she's in GP3 she's reached the tough part every driver at that level faces and that's finding the squillions just to do GP2 let alone F1. GP3 gets a NEW CAR next year so that'll be fun to learn I'm sure.


I´m a pride mexican. Checo Perez has a sit on a F1 car this season. I know he can do a lot better than last year because of the car and the team. I really like and apreciate this post´s information. mlm from Mexico

Congrats to this beautiful young girl.

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