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October 23, 2012


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Great increase in ratings for NNS and have to wonder what drove those ratings, bored people tuning in to see all the wrecks or what? Its been said before that when Danica runs well and up front the ratings jump as she had her best race according to some, regardles of the 10th place finish. Good increase for NNS anyway with these ratings, but Iam sure they would love to pin-point exactly why more viewers tuned in, but thats hard to know unless they could do a survey of sorts, asking viewers what they liked about it etc, but tough to do really--oh well?

As for the Cup race ratings being flat really surprises me with all the crashes they say the fans love, but then again they ARE up against the NFL so maybe explains it simple as that?

Ted Wolfram

In talking to an advertising professional....he says that it is the Danica factor at least in part. And remember it was against college football which is even more surprising.


Whoops, commented abotu Kenseth in the wrong post.


Thanks for the Kenseth comment, Scott. I moved it to the correct post.

garage equipment

ESPN is comes with a good sense of technology. In the nationwide races it can often be a good choice for a player.

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